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    Thread: Covid and dreams

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      Covid and dreams

      After avoiding it for two years, I had covid earlier this month. Luckily, my worst symptoms of fever and fatigue/aches only lasted two days, and afterwards I only had to deal with headaches and minor fatigue. I think something that blew me away though was how absolutely ridiculous my dreams were - they were extremely vivid, and felt the longest out of any dreams I've ever had in my life. Their plots were like movies, everything was intense in a way I'd never experienced before. When I woke up I'd record them on my notes app and each were multiple pages. It reawakened my interest in dreaming/lucidity, although now that I'm over covid my dreams are back to what they were before. I spoke about this to my sister who had covid before vaccines were readily available, and it hit her a lot harder than it did for me. She told me she experienced the same thing - long, vivid, movie like dreams that were like nothing she had ever experienced (she doesn't share my interest in dreams, so she's never really recalled her dreams well in the first place).

      For those who have had covid, did you notice it affect your dreams at all? I'm sure we all know how fever dreams are, but this was like, amped up to 100. Having covid was crappy but I can at least thank it for rekindling my interest in dreams and lucidity and pushing me to start trying again, haha.
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      I would have personally ascribed this to fever dreams, but sounds like that was not it exactly? I ask since you specifically mention them almost as a sort of separate thing.

      I did also have Covid for the first time only very recently myself, though I did not notice a marked difference in my dreaming, I also barely slept for a few of the days during which I was ill. I did have a particularly long dream around this time but it was really not that different from many other dreams I have had in the past, ill or not.

      Recall was actually good while I had Covid, possibly because of generally more interrupted/non-linear sleep, but because I was so tired I think I rarely noted any recall down at all. On that note, while I did have a fever, it was actually not as high as the fever I had from the vaccinations.
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