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      WBTB: Was I Too Awake?

      I have done the WBTB two times before, both of them were very successful. The second time it took me a while to get to sleep. And I just attempted it again last night, and I had the same problem as the second time, but I never got to sleep, and by the time I did, I had been laying there with my eyes closed for 2 hours.

      I don't feel like I am dreaming, or asleep, maybe like halfway. I am completely unable to WILD as well, I get none of the signs or anything. I am pretty sure its because I am too awake, I stay up for about 45 minutes, and listen to like 1 or 2 songs (I just started doing this on the second night). I just don't understand how doing this can make it so I can't get to sleep when I lay there for 2 hours not moving..

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      I have the same experience. I've had my best nights with WBTB but it takes me a long time to fall back to sleep after just 15 or even 5 minutes of wakefulness. Last night I couldn't fall asleep at all and just lay motionless for hours like the OP. I've experimented with a few different variations like doing it early or later in the morning, eating, drinking herbal tea, reading, lighting a candle. But I am yet to find the most effective WBTB activity/strategy for me.

      Any tips from the community?

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      Keep tweaking your sleep time, and the time you stay up during the WBTB. If you're sleeping for 5 hours I would suggest shorting it to 4 to 4.5 or even 3 and a half. As for the OP I would highly recommend shorting your stay up time to 20 minutes or so. If you still have troubles with it, then try 15 or 10. If you're still having problems with that, then it could be due to how long you've slept.

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