Hey, I had a normal dream last night with a very unusual experience that, if I get a chance, I really want to try again for the heck of it in a Lucid Dream.

I want to hear what other oddball occurrences you guys have had that you want to duplicate in a lucid. Here is mine as an example:

My sisters and I discovered a fascinating phenomenon. We could create vast amounts special red jell-o by thinking about it. With this jell-o, we could squish and form it into various objects that would then solidify into working items. For example, my little sister was working on a small motor boat. I remember specifically watching as the body was jell-o, and she was pushing in solidifying jell-o nails at the tail end to hold on a solid jell-o fin. And I was trying to figure out how to change a jell-o motor into a working one

Odd, I know, I have NO idea what on earth spurred this on, yet it was a very strange experience (being able to create items out of jell-o) and I want to try it again sometime.