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    Thread: Hypnosis Videos On Youtube.

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      Hypnosis Videos On Youtube.

      So I keep finding Youtube hypnosis videos and there was one where there were a lot of comments being held at. A few people swear it worked for them... For others, it gave them nightmares or something. What concerned me the most was when some of them said it gave them sleep paralysis...

      I'm wondering, do any of these work? I'm getting really lazy with the whole "write all your dreams down" stuff, and I'd like something a bit... quicker, if you guys don't mind. Maybe I'm being immature and impatient, but I REALLY want to have a lucid dream.

      Thank you!

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      hypnosis for lucid dreaming?

      ehhh... it might help a little, just with setting your attention

      I really hate to be the bearer of bad-news, but if lucid dreaming takes anything, it's patience. It won't come right away for everyone (certainly not for me, I tried for many months before any success). It takes determination, focus, consciousness, and confidence.

      Relying on little things like hypnosis, won't give you lucid dreams. It might help. I have some mp3's from one of Stephen LaBerge's books, of some lucid dreaming related hypnosis sessions to listen to before you go to sleep. I don't know if they help me lucid dream, but they make going to sleep a nice experience. If you want it, just personal message me an email that I can send it to.
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