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      Are most awakenings actually false awakenings?

      I have noticed how many of my lucid dreams start out as false awakenings. Having learned to do reality checks whenever I wake up, I have noticed that there are so many times in which I wake up, think to myself "I should do a reality check", but then think "nah, I know I'm awake" because it looks and feels completely normal. But I do a nose pinch RC anyway to stay in the habit, only to find to my surprise that I can still breathe. It become a lucid dream from there.

      It makes me wonder just how many false awakenings we have every night. For that matter, how much time do we spend laying in bed thinking we are awake when we are actually dreaming and could get up and enjoy the dream whenever we wanted to? It often feels so real and so convincing that I would never suspect anything, were it not for the fact that I can breathe when my nose is plugged. How long has this been going on?

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      It varies from person to person. Before actually having my first lucid dream, i had not recalled a single false awakening, and my dream recall is fairly decent. On a regular night, i recall about 3-4 dreams.
      I'd also like to add "how many 'mini dreams' do we have when we're thinking of dream journaling but are too lazy to get up and do it?"

      Any questions about lucid dreaming? Drop me a PM here!

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