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      Power Outages & False-False Awakenings

      Ok so I am a newb at Lucid Dreaming, I have had 0 Lucid dreams but I am still trying. So far I have tried the WILD technique, NILD technique, and DEILD technique. As most others do, when I begin to go into sleep paralysis when trying to WILD I get weird sensations and the first time I opened my eyes. I tried the WILD technique again and when sleep paralysis began to start I unconsciously opened my eyes. I thought that it might be a false awakening, though I was pretty certain it wasn't. I looked at my clock which looked normal, I couldn't put my right fingers through my left hand so I got up and decided I would try again later. I walked over to the light switch and flipped it but the light did not turn on and I was like WTF O_o and pretty excited so I tried to turn on another light and it did not turn on. At this point I was confused, I thought I might be lucid dreaming but then I wondered why it seemed so real. At that moment my brother announced that we had a power outage and that pretty much cleared it up for me. Just a little newb story I felt like sharing with my fellow lucid dreamers.
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      Lol, I would be Just as confused. And i havn't had any Lucid dreams either. Infact, This is my first day trying. I'm going to look for A Dream Journal Today.

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