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    Thread: what is this?

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      what is this?

      Hi guys just trying figure out what this is lol i go to sleep 1 hour and half i wake up then back to sleep again then up again another 1-2 hours then back sleep again and i dream everytime i go back to sleep like 6-8 dreams?? i cant seem to sleep right through any suggestions on to why this might be?

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      You may just be a light sleeper causing you to wake up in the middle of the night, especially towards the end of an REM period since that's when we generally sleep the lightest. Try completely blocking out all external stimuli so nothing wakes you up from outside. Sometimes I drink caffeine or energy drinks a few hours before I go to bed since I like the taste of them and this way I crash right when I would normally go to bed. This may help with the earlier awakenings but for the ones more into the morning I suggest making sure you find a comfortable sleeping position and bed. I find that, while laying on my back is more comfortable when trying to get lucid, if I'm just trying to get a good night's rest my stomach is actually more comfortable. Also be sure you have a good mattress, not one that's too stiff or too soft (unless you like it that way).

      Unfortunately it may just be that you are a very light sleeper and wake up in the middle of the night no matter what you do. Don't let this bug you too much since you will find that this is a great opportunity to try and get lucid via WBTBs and WILDS. Becoming lucid will also help you fall asleep easier since you have something to look forward too, and may even help increase the length of your sleep by prolonging a dream, a.k.a. prolonging your sleep.
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