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      You are my friend now. It is official. ( *u*)
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      Welcome back, Burke!
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      Happy Birthday Burke!!
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      Nice to see you back! Hope you stick around.
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      I may have underestimated it's size though
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      I got my bets on you for the first person completing the TOTY. Go Burke make me rich xD
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    I'm an undergraduate neuroscience major currently studying the neurovisceral properties underlying daily life in the elderly and autistic children. I also research the mechanosensitivity and electrophysiology of the NMDA receptor which plays a role in memory and synaptic plasticity. I'm always on the lookout for information regarding the biological mechanisms underlying lucid dreams and dreams in general. I'm currently researching and applying to graduate programs with a similar focus.

    I've been lucid dreaming since I was at least 8 years old. It became a natural reaction to recurring nightmares and I primarily used it to wake up from them. It wasn't until early high school that I discovered that it actually had a name and also joined this forum. Since then I've tried a multitude of induction techniques and even developed a pseudo-technique called MIT which I use regularly. I also have a tendency to disappear for indeterminate amounts of time.
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    Snowboarding, video games, swimming, chilling with friends
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    Had some freaky dreams and wanted to see if anything could be done (google ftw)


    Have a question? Send me a pm.

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    Multiple Induction Technique (MIT) - Consistently have several lucids each night!

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    If Lucidity == True: Print "YES!"

    by Burke on 05-02-2016 at 06:26 PM
    OK, so, this dream is pretty interesting. Or rather, "dreams". I'd had several lucids in a week while not actively practicing which sparked me to start posting on DV a bit, see if I could get those back to a decent consistency. That was a couple weeks ago and I had nothing between then and now. Luckily, after snoozing my alarm for what seems like ages (I think I just turned it off, actually), I got lucid... somehow. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it was a weird DEILD/MILD combo thingy. Either way, enjoy:

    I was in some sort of old town, early 1900s, similar to New York City. I was in a large courtyard with a small fountain in the middle and only a few DCs sitting against on of the buildings of the courtyard doing god knows what. I was with a girl of some sort running through the courtyard essentially dragging her by her hand (she was still running). IDK what we were running for or from, but we headed out of the courtyard and into an alley. This is were it gets a little hazy. I remember spinning around as if I was trying to save a lucid dream, but I don't remember being lucid. The spinning wasn't very effective, because I woke up, still motionless and eyes closed, mind you, but awake. The thing is, normally I'll spin if I can tell a dream is fading (basically a small spark of lucidity at the last second of a dream) and can then prepare myself for a DEILD, otherwise it's a bit sketchy whether I'll stay still/keep my eyes closed. In either case, I laid still, kept imagining myself spinning just like I was when I woke up. Same area, same person I was with, same dizziness from spinning. After a surprisingly short time, I found the dream to feel a bit more real, tentatively tried to move around, and continued on like normal.

    So DEILD? DILD? MILD? (I did use a mantra when I went to bed) No matter, we're lucid but, being a bit brash, I didn't bother to stabilize or really do much of anything besides continue the dream. I wasn't 100% lucid, but I did have control over everything and could think, mostly. So continuing the dream, we ran into a random door that seemed good at the time and ended up in a large stage theater right by the stage. No one was in here so I figured this was a great place to run through because, hey, we were running from something... I think. Anyway, we head up and out the theater door, when the dream starts to fade again. I try spinning like before to salvage it, but end up waking up again. Damn, I just new remembered that I had to program something! Either way, the same thing earlier happened. I envisioned myself still spinning, and after what seemed like only 30 seconds, I was able to keep going in the dream.

    At this point we had accomplices, apparently. I remember them, somehow, so they were probably from earlier in the dream (the non-lucid part of which I don't remember well); two guys, around age 20, and another, still around that age that I don't recognize. We were on a very wide street, probably 100 feet wide so I'm not sure where we were anymore, but we continued walking down it because hey, if I want to code something I have to find a computer... I think. It's a dream, anything goes. I walked into the next building that caught my eye, thinking there would be a computer of some sort in there. When I got in all I saw was a very large staircase, one out of a foyer of a castle, so obviously we went up it. We had to go up a couple floors but at the top I saw it: a random table with a laptop on it. Perfect! So, I rush over to it and start looking for something to code in. The thing itself had soooo many programs open. Multiple word, powerpoint, excel files, multiple internet tabs (can't remember which browser) and plenty of other random things, so much like my computer. I decide to head to codecademy, since that's where I started and knew they had an editor and some way to run it. Unfortunately I kept mistyping the name. Either I was pressing the wrong keys or my dream was playing a trick on me.

    After several failed attempts I just said screw it, clicked through everything, closed almost everything (this laptop was surprisingly fast) and opened up powerpoint. I didn't really open it, just opened one file (which had 80 something slides in it) and began deleting slides to make room. Could've just started a new file, but like I said, the dream was a little unstable. A couple people sitting on a bench nearby (may have been those younger guys) call over and ask what I'm doing. "Gotta code in a dream!" I told them. They just scoffed at me, kind of annoying but hey, they aren't interfering so I don't care. So finally, I have an empty powerpoint and no idea what to code. Well, lets make something that tells me if I'm lucid because, hey, it should return true, right?... RIGHT? So I typed in (to my recall) the following code:

    def lucdity():
          if lucidity == True:
                print "YES!"
                print "no"
    print lucidity()
    So yeah, that's how I remember it. It may have been worse, may have made no sense at all. That probably doesn't actually do anything and would just error, but either way it was a code in a dream. And, as is typical for this dream, right as I'm about to run it -- or rather, as I'm looking for a way to run it in powerpoint, the dream fades. Quickly, too. So I start to spin, but of course I end up
    waking up. Well shit, guess we gotta DEILD one more time so I can finish the damn thing. So we repeat what we did earlier, really focusing at this point since I don't want all this work to go to waste. After what seems like forever, though I'm sure it was no more than a minute or to, I feel like I'm back in that building (it reminded me of some of the older buildings at Syracuse University, if any of you have been there before). Tentatively, I try moving around a little, open my eyes, and yes! We made it. I look back at the laptop to run my code, but it's already run. A big "True" is sitting in the comments section of powerpoint. OK, well, that's good. The dream confirming you're lucid is definitely a good thing. So we did it

    Well, now we should continue the dream, right? I very vaguely remember tidbits on the dream before I got lucid originally, but I know we were heading somewhere. So I start to walk off with the girl I was originally with (no idea where those two guys went) but the third one steps in front of us. He threatens us with a pen, for some reason, and tells us we're not going anywhere (cliche ). For some reason I remember the pen so vividly, it was weird. The tip of it, the ballpoint with ink on most of it, but not all of it. It was one of those thick, purple ones where you twist half of the pen to write with it. I focused so intently on it, of course it means I didn't catch the dream fading. Before I know it I'm feeling my
    body in my bed and barely have any grasp on the dream at all. I try to imagine my dream self spinning, seeing if I could get another DEILD. And then it happens. Those damn birds outside start singing and it's all I could focus on. It probably doesn't help that I had a pretty poor grasp on the dream at hand, but I always get annoyed whenever something external stops a DEILD train. But hey, we barely got a task done, had some fun (I think the dream beforehand involved me and the girl ) and broke a small dry spell.

    Updated 05-02-2016 at 06:29 PM by Burke

    lucid , task of the month

    Flying Carpets, Pudding Pools and, Finally, the TotY!

    by Burke on 02-14-2014 at 03:10 AM
    Well, I haven't been here in a while! I pretty much stopped with my whole online DJ, aside from the tasks, but maybe I'll have to change that But for this entry, it's still a TotY one, specifically Aladdin! Off to it, then

    The dream started off in a large, traditional Japanese house, with multiple rooms and corridors, but only one floor. I was in a big dining area with a good size table and about a dozen elderly women kneeling around it drinking something out of mugs, likely tea. I stood in the doorway looking at them and could see outside behind them -- there was a large gap in the wall where sliding doors should've been. It was sunny and summertime, everyone was in light clothing and I think I was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt -- the women were dressed in kimonos, but they were thinner and more breathable than more traditional ones.

    I walked past them and into another room where there were some end tables and a couple lamps, but nothing out of the ordinary. I continued to walk around the building, from room to room, just looking around, not really having anything in mind. I came full circle back to the room I was just in, but the women had gone out back and were suddenly having a barbeque. One was cooking hot dogs on a grill, a group were talking, and others were playing Frisbee. It was summer after all. I poked my head outside to see what exactly was going on, but just sort of stared for a little bit, zoning out at these elderly women dressed in kimonos and having a cookout.

    I came out of it and turned away, walking back the other way through the house. I came to a room that has a small swimming pool in it with a small ladder in the corner. There was tile around it amidst the hardwood flooring that normally covered the floor, and luckily I noticed something was amiss.
    I thought to myself, "Am I dreaming?" and plugged my nose to do a RC. I breathed in, and after a second, I could definitely breathe! It was a relief; I had been having a dry spell for a while which was broken recently with a really short, low vividness lucid which wasn't very satisfying. Being able to do a complete reality check with actual substance behind it was liberating. I looked around the room I was in, getting a full sense of what it felt like, and rubbed my hands for some stabilization. The walls were all vertical wood paneling but the ceiling didn't really look like anything; the room just sort of stopped and there was a roof, but no distinct ceiling.

    Either way, I was lucid! So I didn't really care too much. I looked around the room, thinking of all the things to do, when I noticed a lamp in the next room over sitting on one of the end tables. I had remembered the TotY, but couldn't really remember what the specific tasks were. Luckily, the lamp reminded me of the Aladdin one: wish for a magic carpet, then whatever for the other two. I walked over to it, picked it up, and rubbed it. It wasn't what you'd expect a magic lamp to look like, but it was smooth and shiny, so I figured it'd work. Of all things to pop out, a DC from a couple previous dreams I had (my Hindenburg (TotY from 2012) DJ entry described him well) appeared right behind me. "Hey, what's up!? he said, startling me. I turned around and couldn't recognize him at first. Seeing my confused expression he told me, "Don't you remember? I kicked your ass a while back! For the task?"

    Then it hit me, "Ooohhhhhh!... it's you. You didn't kick my ass, you kicked me in the head!" I retorted sarcastically. He had, in fact, kicked me in my head to wake me up. "It's just a saying, geez. You don't have to get so worked up about it," he retorted. "Anyway, you need a carpet, right?" That's true, I did have to take a magic carpet for a spin. "Uh yeah, you got one?" I asked. He nodded his head behind him and, sure enough, there it was. It wasn't magnificent looking at all like it was in the movie. It looked like a standard rug you would put a coffee table on over hardwood. But hey, if it's "magic" then I don't really care what it looked like.

    "Thanks," I said halfheartedly. I walked past him and hopped on the carpet. I floated up above the floor a couple inches, and I turned around to say goodbye to him, but he had disappeared. Figures, he never did stick around for a while. I look back at the room with the pool in it, lean forward, and start flying quickly towards the wall on the other side. I put my arms up in front of me and break through the wall, nearly losing my balance and being blinded by the sun. I hadn't done too much dream control in a while, so I was a bit rusty. I basically rode the carpet like a snowboard, since that's something I was used to in real life.

    I leaned right to turn around and take a look back behind the house to see the women still there, having their cookout. There were some guys there now, and the women were younger, much closer to the age you'd expect to have a random cookout and play Frisbee with. I got a good look at the house and the surrounding area and it was just as big as I had thought it would be. It was completely secluded with forest all around it and a small path leading out to a road a couple hundred yards out. I looked around me -- I was about 100 feet up at this point -- and could see a fairly large mountain in the distance. I circled a house for a bit a decided that this was probably good enough for the task and headed back to wish for two other things. After all, I could fly whenever.

    I dropped straight down through the roof approximately where I thought the room with the lamp in it was. Something about the roof must've been off, because when I went through it I got thrown off the carpet and hit the ground hard. I could feel the dream about to be fading. "No! Not now, dammit!" I thought loudly, and as I tried to spin and save the dream, I unfortunately
    woke up. However! I laid still and kept my eyes closed and tried to jump right back into the dream. I'm continuing this! I won't be defeated by some roof!

    And I was back in the room with the lamp, completely lucid! I did another RC just to be sure, and sure enough I was good . "Welcome back," I heard a voice say. It was him again. "Have a nice trip?" Wow, I didn't know he made bad puns too. "Oh yeah, lovely," I told back. "Can I just have two more wishes?" I wasn't sure if I could still complete the task (Ophelia tells me now that yes, a DEILD is fine) but I wanted to be safe. "Sure! But what're ya gonna wish fer?" He said colloquially. "Give me some ideas!"

    "Why not another task? Or... oo! I know! A Hindenburg blimp!" Wow, he just loves making fun of me, doesn't he . "Well then, Mr. Sarcasm, how about that pool over there becomes filled with chocolate pudding?" I pointed my finger at the pool. Why pudding? I don't know, I couldn't think of anything. Why chocolate? Because chocolate pudding is best pudding. Period. "Uh, sure, whatever," he spoke lazily. I watched intently as a small portion of the pool in the middle began to turn thick and chocolatey. It slowly expanded across the water and down to the bottom, just like supercooled water freezing.

    'Damn, that's a lot of pudding' I thought, and I walked over towards it. I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a spoon (sometimes things are just where they need to be in dreams) and bent over. I scooped some up and right as I'm about to taste it I get kicked in by the aforementioned asshole. I fell in face first into the weird, chocolatey concoction, which was not at all like water, but I managed to right myself and breathe. He was standing there laughing, "Just be glad I didn't wake you up again!" He spouted rudely. I just spit some pudding from my mouth angrily
    I just now realize my lucids are often like little sitcoms/cartoons xD) "Well? What's number three going to be!?" He asked triumphantly. I thought about just wishing to be out of this mess and cleaned up, but that wouldn't be entertaining to do, let alone read .

    "How about you let me kick you in the head!" I shouted. I figured I could kill two birds with one stone, part of the TotY and a little revenge . "Well..." he pondered, "I suppose I am playing the role of the genie, so I guess I kinda have to." He rubbed his chin while he spoke. "Alright then!" I yelled, jumping out of the pudding pool. No clue how I jumped, but I also didn't have any pudding on me anymore. Yay dreams! He turned his back to me, "Have fun!" He shouted. Right as he finished I sung my right leg around and roundhoused him right in the head, just like he had done to me.
    I blinked and was laying in my bed, awake. GOD. DAMMIT. That asshole got me again. By the end of this task I better beat him. Perhaps it'll be some good motivation!

    Cannonballs, Great White Sharcks, and the TotY

    by Burke on 01-16-2013 at 06:30 PM
    I'm not sure if this was a DILD, MILD, or WILD. I did a WBTB at 4, said a mantra while falling asleep, and the next thing I knew I was in a dream already lucid with no recollection of any transition period or normal dream. I had three dreams and woke up at 4:45 so .

    I was standing in my room, already lucid, only to find two of my friends on my bed having sex. What the hell?! I yelled at them to stop and leave and they complied with annoyed looks on their face as they walked out the door. Not the way I wanted this dream to start out, but I was lucid so I didn't really mind. That little incident made a sex lucid the first thing on my mind but I really wanted to work on the TotY so I thought about which one to do. The Colosseum task was the first to pop into my head but I had decided to save that one for last. Instead I figured I would do the Angel Falls on, South America, I think it was for.

    My friends had left the door to my room open on their way out so I walked over, closed it, and envisioned myself at the foot of Angel Falls on the other side. When I opened the door, it was just my hallway. Let's try again. I closed the door, pictured Angel Falls all by itself on the other side and, when I opened it, I was greeted by a large waterfall in the middle of a rain forest. This must be it! I stepped through the door and was immediately hit with a hot, humid air that made my clothes stick to my chest. This stickiness made me realize that I hadn't stabilized yet so I quickly rubbed my hands together and took in a big, deep breath which was quite difficult with the humidity.

    I had been in a rain forest once before, in southeastern Mexico, but these seemed much thicker and wetter. In front of me lay a huge waterfall, though quite thin. The whole thing was probably 1000 feet high but only 10-20 feet wide with a surprisingly little amount of water in it. I looked at the bottom to make sure there was a sufficient pool of water for when I jumped down and it looked like a good size: about 40 feet across and seemed deep enough. I started to float up to the top of the falls and noticed that there were a lot of rocks and bumps along the path of the waterfall, something which couldn't be seen from the ground. In order to get past these I would have to jump fairly far out.

    I reached the top and landed on a small, rocky outcropping just alongside the falls. I looked over the edge and started to plan out which route I would take. I looked at the pool below to find a good landing spot, one that would be deep enough but also big enough to hit. I picked a spot in the pool that was darker and looked deeper than the rest. I took a few steps back, took a deep breath, and then leaped off the edge. I curled up into a ball and yelled, "Cannonball!!!" There were a couple seconds of awkwardness as I kept falling after I yelled that. The second I thought, "Hmm, I probably should have hit the wat-" I slammed into the water, right on my butt. That was uncomfortable.

    A split second after I hit the water I felt a soft, muddy bottom and my feet sunk in a few inches. I pushed up from the bottom to re-surface but my feet got caught in the mud a bit and made this a wasted effort. I slowly floated back up to the surface and, upon lifting my head out of the water all I could see was white. There was suddenly a big cloud of mist from the waterfall, something that should've been there the entire time but for some reason never was. Well, that was it, I got another TotY done. I proceeded to fill that urge I had at the beginning. Right when I reached the pique of that, I
    woke up.

    I had prepped myself for a DEILD in the dream prior to this and was ready for when I woke up. I relaxed and went back to sleep, making sure to stay awake. After only a few seconds I was back in a dream, in my room once again, and checked my hands to make sure I was in a dream. They looked normal as a whole but seemed a little off for some reason. I did a nose-plug to be sure and I could definitely breath. It was still nighttime and was completely dark in my room so I walked over to my light switch and flipped it on. Of course, this didn't work. I was messing with it for a second but then realized, "Dur, it's a dream!" I yelled out, "Lights, please!" and the room became bright.

    I figured I would go for a second task since this was technically another dream. I decided on the Australia one and went through it in my head to be sure I wasn't missing anything. I had to hitch a ride on a turtle or something and then bite a great white shark, I think. I decided to try something new to get from my house in America to the great barrier reef in Australia. I went outside into my backyard and, for some reason, it was summer, which helped for what I wanted to do. I jumped into my pool, inspired by the Angel Falls task, and pictured the great barrier reef. When I resurfaced I was off the coast of what I believe was Australia with corals and fish around me. It worked!

    I had never tried breathing underwater so I though this task would be a good place to try. I went underwater and at first tried to hold my breath to see if I could just do that forever but it didn't work, I had to breathe. I hesitantly took in a small breath through my nose and was somehow able to breathe, though it felt quite odd and still freaked me out a little bit. I looked around underwater, looking for a turtle to ride on since I wasn't sure what else I could. I saw brightly colored fish and a lot of coral but no turtles. I came back to the surface and looked around. I looked on shore just a few dozen yards away and there I saw a handful of turtle lying on the shore. I whistled to them, trying to get them to come over, and, now that I think about it, treated them like dogs .

    But it worked. A couple of them looked up and over at me and began to make their way to the water. It took them a while just to move the 15 feet to the water but once they got in, they zipped right on to me. I grabbed one by its "shoulders" as it came by me and just hung on for the ride. It swam all throughout the reef, from various blue-green coral to pink colored sand at the bottom. There were countless amounts of fish, from rainbow striped to orange clown fish hiding in anemone. I rode around on the turtle for a few minutes but then remembered that I had to bite a great white shark. I looked around and all I could see were gray reef sharks circling down on the floor of the reef. They weren't doing anything interesting and I knew it had to be a great white so I let go of the turtle and headed out to see.

    I had never really swam before in a lucid dreaming either so this had a lot of firsts for me. I experimented with swimming arm over arm like you're taught when you're a child, but that did little when I was completely underwater. I then tried moving my legs up and down, similar to a dolphin, and that worked quite well. I was moving much faster and had a lot more control that I did just flailing around aimlessly. Just a few seconds after I got the hand of swimming I saw what looked like a great white off in the distance. I swam towards it and as I got closer I could see that it was, indeed, a great white.

    Sure, I could go up and bite it plain and easy, but what fun would that be? I pictured an orca whale, the only creature I could think of that would hunt sharks, or at least attack them. I felt weird and, when I opened my eyes, I had transformed into an Orca Whale! It felt odd not having arms or anything, and my vision was quite different, given that my eyes were now towards the side of my head, but it was definitely more interesting than being myself and going up and biting a shark. I spotted the great white and headed over to it. I picked up a lot of speed, opened my mouth, and bit right down on its tail, slamming into it with full force. The shark was obviously caught off guard and, being alone, tried its best to right back. I dodged its attempts to bite me back and continued to hit it. After about 30 seconds of me biting him in various places and dodging all its attacks, it swam off into the distance. Take that, Jaws!

    I started to turn back into myself afterwards and pictured me with my arms, legs, body and head, as well as come clothes. I could feel my arms (which were now fins) turning back into themselves and by legs (which were now a flipper) separating again and my whole body grew smaller. Right as I was about to become myself again, I felt the dream start to fade. I quickly finished the transformation and rubbed my hands together, remembering that I had never stabilized this time. Unfortunately, it didn't work and I
    woke up.

    Luckily, I was able to prepare for another DEILD that would end up begin successful. Instead of doing a third task I just mimicked the ending of my first dream. I'm still not sure whether the first one was a WILD or MILD, but I got lucid so I didn't really care .

    Pyramid Parkour and the Task of the Year

    by Burke on 01-10-2013 at 06:42 PM
    I was driving in a car, I'm not sure what kind, down a large hill on a long, winding road. There were a few cars coming from the other direction and for some reason I thought there wasn't many for this time of day, it must've been rush hour or something. As I came to a bend in the road I looked over the guard rail overlooking a large cliff with a huge city in the valley below. I turned to my sister who was in the passenger seat and said, "We're almost there." We must've been going to whatever city that was. As we turned the corner I noticed temporary dividers in the middle of the road, like they would put down for construction, but nobody was working on the road. There weren't even any vehicles. As we continued down the road I noticed that there seemed to be an awful lot of police cars, the majority of whom were pulling people over. I wasn't speeding so I thought I was fine.

    I distinctly remember passing a small, deep purple sedan with a cop standing next to the door. He was leaning into the car trying to reach something in the passenger seat. I didn't know what it was or why he was doing it but I continued on driving glad it wasn't me pulled over. Right as I thought this I saw blinking lights in my rear-view mirror; Damn, why me!? I continued around the next curve and pulled over to the side of the road. The officer got out of his car and had a very large hat on, much like troopers often wear but much bigger. He started walking towards our car and I began to get nervous. When he got to our car he didn't stop, he just kept on walking past us. He went around the next bend and when I looked behind me the cop car was gone. I looked over the edge of the cliff that the road weaved down and could see the officer standing at the bottom looking up at me. He winked.

    For some reason this bumped me into lucidity. I'm not quite sure why but I didn't really question it; I was glad to have ended my dry spell and did a quick clock check for a RC. At first it said 3:17, pretty normal. I looked away and turned back to it. This time it said 9:62. Perfect, this was definitely a dream. I got out of the car and rubbed my hands together, not wanting to waste my first LD in a couple weeks. I asked my sister who was still sitting in the passenger seat and had been silent the whole time what I should do. She looked at me and said, "Weren't you asked to do some tasks or something?" Ah-ha! The TotY! The first one that came to mind was the Colosseum one but for whatever reason I decided against it. The next one that popped into my head was Africa, riding the great sphinx and fixing its nose.

    I got back into the car and decided I would try a different way of getting there instead of just teleporting. I pushed a button that just appeared on the console and the car began to hover above the ground. I pulled back on the steering wheel which could now move like the controls of a plane and pushed the gas pedal. Away we went. I flew over the city, going quite fast since I figured we were in America and had to fly over the Atlantic. I looked down and couldn't quite tell what city it was but it was surrounded by desert and mountains beyond that. I figured either Las Vegas or Phoenix Arizona. It only took a few seconds to reach the mountain range and when we crossed it I could see the great pyramids over the other side. I opened the console of the car and found a staples button. Cheesy, I know, but I pressed it and a loud and, for some reason, female voice said, "that was easy."

    I pushed down on the steering wheel and eased on the breaks. We landed about 200 yards from the sphinx and I knew I had to ride it up the pyramids but felt like something else was missing. Of course, the nose! As I looked it over I realized that its nose was completely intact; the whole thing looked like it had been completed just days earlier! What the heck, I was supposed to fix it . I figured since I had to fix it I might as well break it first. I flew up to its face and pulled my arm back, taking a good, solid swing at the nose. The tip fell off but I needed more, granted the whole thing was twice the size of me. I ran my hand along the bridge of the nose and then hovered over it and kicked down. The whole thing slowly slid down the face of the sphinx and it looked just like it did in the history books.

    Now I had to undo what I just did. I was a little annoyed at it but hey, I want to get this done! I floated back to the ground and picked up the nose. Even though my arms couldn't reach all the way around it I was still able to somehow lift it. I flew back up to its face and set the nose in place. I then pushed it into the face and the whole thing fit like a key. Apparently this was indeed some sort of key, for the sphinx immediately began to move. Slowly but surely the whole thing stood up, looked around, and gave a long stretch and yawn. It then proceeded to lick itself, damn cat.

    I hopped on its back and tried to get it to move, granted the thing's back was 25 feet wide, it wasn't a horse. I squeezed my legs like one would to get a horse to move but the sphinx just looked around and then laid back down. What the hell, this was supposed to be fairly straightforward! I thought for a moment while it started to drift off to sleep and then remember seeing cats chasing the little red dots that laser pointers create. I reached into my pocket and, sure enough, there was a laser pointer! I pointed it at the pyramid and could faintly see a little red dot, not nearly enough to get this thing's attention. I figured that, if it were a little bit darker out the light would be easier to see. I looked down at my wrist and found a watch. It said 4:00 P.M. so I pulled out the little time-set thing and changed it to 8:00. As the hands moved forward the sun went down and the moon came up. This was pretty cool, given that I had never really changed the time of day before.

    As the sun went down I could feel the dream begin to fade. Damn, I haven't done this in a while! I quickly rubbed my hands together which stopped the fading and brought back some clarity but I knew that I didn't have much time left. I patted the sphinx on its back, which was still quietly laying there. It began to stir and I pointed the laser pointer at the ground in front of it; it was easy to see now! The sphinx's ears twitched and its head perked up, clearly noticing the little dot. I pointed at the pyramids which were about 400 yards away. The sphinx jumped up and immediately began to bound towards that light. I squeezed my legs as tight as I could just to stay on.

    When it got close to the pyramid, the sphinx jumped, trying to pounce on the light. I quickly moved it up about halfway to the top of the pyramid, but it still ended up hitting the base and knocking some blocks off. C'mon, kitty, don't knock the thing down! It regained its awareness and found the dot again and immediately jumped up, running up the pyramid. This thing was steeper than I thought, it had to be at least a 40 degree angle
    (after googling it, the actual angle is almost 52 degrees). The sphinx stuttered on a few steps as blocks fell out from under it but it continued to climb up the top.

    I pointed the light right at the very peak and, right as we got close to the top, the sphinx jumped again, this time overestimating the height and clearing the entire pyramid. We both fell down for a few hundred feet and when the sphinx finally landed it began to slide down the side of the pyramid. The ride was quite bumpy and I could feel the dream beginning to fade. We reached the bottom just a couple seconds afterwards and I immediately jumped off, rubbing my hands to try and stabilize but to no avail. I decided that, since the dream was pretty much over and I had accomplished what I wanted to do, I would give the sphinx a treat. I waved towards the distance, motioning for something to come towards me. While doing this I envisioned a giant fish coming out of the horizon towards the sphinx. I tried to reward it for its hard work but just as I though I saw the fish come over the horizon
    I woke up in my bed, my arm over my head in the same position I was waving in. The entertainment isn't confined to just the dreams

    One down, six to go. Hopefully the next one won't take three weeks just to get lucid


    by Burke on 08-22-2012 at 09:44 PM
    Apparently I got lucid last night but all I wrote down was this:

    Lucid in old burned down basement. Keep having to lick walls to stay lucid. Trying to solve why it's burned down. Have a FA, mess around with powers and focus.

    Too bad I don't remember the dream nor writing that down. It doesn't sound too awesome though