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    Thread: It is possible after all

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      Post It is possible after all

      Hello dreamviews...

      i am logged here now because i come to tell you something, lucid dream is possible.
      i have doubted it for years , see my join date and never had lucid dream, this month i've had 2 .. one i had 20 minutes ago, the other a few weeks back. The one few weeks back i had whilst staying in bed instead of getting up, the one just then, from the first cycle of the night.

      the best way i can describe it, is that probably the same as having a trip with hallucogen drugs... even tho i've never tripped with hallucogen drugs, i can imagine it to be similar.

      next i want to tell you about patience... you need to be patient in order for it to occur..

      next i want to tell you about fear .. you must ignore all negative fear thoughts if you want to roll with it

      and finally ... you know you are about to enter because this is what happens, well to me ... suddenly you find yourself thinking about something you thought is real life, when its actually not, ( thats why just sitting in blackness ), thats when your mind sees it fit to take you to the next step. What i will name the entrance step , it actually feels liek you are travelling through time/space .. since there is such a noise / vibration in the ear area, which gradually heightens in pitch, giving the feeling that you're increasing in speed , mb a doplar effect? dunno.. but anyway if you can bare with that awful noise and feeling of fast speed, you will eventually drop down and appear at a setting, trust me it happens. So really that period the the "loading" .. then voila you have your sitatuion and you are in a lucid, but believe its a lucid, don't believe its real life, else it will become real life. Pretty awaesome tbh

      the mind can play beautiful tricks on you, if you want it to
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      I totally understand you. When I first joined and had no success, I had doubts. Is lucid dreaming really a real thing, is it really possible? After some time I finally had a real lucid dream. That's when I knew...yes, it is real and it is possible. Although I didn't go as long as you did without lucid dreaming, I know the feeling.

      For those who think it's impossible or not a real thing: take a look around you. Dreamviews is full of stories of people achieving lucidity. It's full of stories just like this where after many months and even years people get lucid. So anyone who is having problems...keep on trying! Keep practicing! You WILL get there! Just look around you

      Anyway, congrats d3nd3! I'm glad you actually stuck with it and got lucid! You deserve it thanks for sharing!

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