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      first lucid dream

      Today I had my first lucid experience (I think) but I had some questions. I'm not gonna go into all the details of the dream. But basically it was like noon, I had been up since 3 (deer hunting) I got home around noon and went to take a nap, exhausted, I fell asleep almost instantly, after a period of time, I "woke up" or at least thought I did. I wad still laying in bed facing my wall and I had that groggy first woken up feeling, but I could not move, I heard thought and saw like I was awake and tried and struggled to move but couldn't, I got really scared until I remembered lucid dreaming. About 5 months ago I heard about it and did alot of research and attempted it alot but could never do it. So I calmed down, and relaxed my muscles. And drifter off to a dream,basically in the dream, I was walking down the street (aware I was dreaming) and thought well if I really can do anything, then ran and sucker punched a guy mugging a girl and knocked him out, I thought it was the coolest thing because I knew I was dreaming and made a conscious choice to go hit that guy, then I flew, which felt insanely real, then it got really foggy, I "woke up" back on my couch, with sister sleeping next to me, I asked her why she was there and she just grunted and said go back to sleep, I later found out that never actually happened, then I wad in some random bed, and I thought " I wonder what sex feels like in a lucid dream, on que a girl appeared and I had sex with her, it felt 100% real, but I didn't actually "go" in real life like I would have expected too. After that my mom woke me up to go to work, what seemed like 12 hours was actually 2. I woke up very disoriented and cranky. I just got home from work and had to post. How can I continue to have lucid dreams, (if that is what I had). I loved it, I want them all the time

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      Congratulations, that was indeed a lucid dream.
      As long as you understand you are dreaming then you are lucid, there are no other requirements than that.

      Well, it is often highly recommended to regularly write down your dreams, because this makes you more familiar with them so it becomes easier for you to recognize them as signs that you are dreaming in the future.

      It is also important to go to bed before you feel exhausted - going to bed when you are only slightly tired will make your brain more "awake" during the night, since you won't collapse from exhaustion.
      Also, try to have specific goals so that you have something concrete to look forward to.
      Maybe you want to fly or punch that mug again?
      Or maybe you have certain desires you want to fulfill?
      Make sure you have something to look forward to, and feel excited about it.

      The Wake-Back-To-Bed procedure can also be really effective - train yourself to recognize your short awakenings during the night (we always wake up several times during the night, but we usually forget that we do - it's probably an ancient survival mechanism that lets us observe our surroundings for danger), and when you notice them, you can get out of bed for a while and prepare a dream experience, then fall back to sleep and think of that goal, until you fall asleep.
      This dramatically increases the odds of becoming lucid for lots of people and is considered one of the most effective methods, so it's worth giving it a shot.
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