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    Thread: 'Day Walking'

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      'Day Walking'

      So for 6 ish years now I have been working on dreaming while awake and i have gotten pretty far. At the moment I can do very sensationally stimulating tasks while sitting awake in bright places with a few people talking nearby, with my eyes open. Occasionally actions in these dreams bleed into real life and I end up accidentally moving slightly before catching myself.
      Daywalking is fundamentally different from dreaming in three ways. I experience it in 30 second spurts before my concentration breaks and I have to pickup where I left off, allowing for a pause lasting 2 ish seconds, the before mild clocks-change-time-when-you-look-away into requiring a relatively high level of concentration to keep up with everything, and dream control is incredibly easy. I so far have been able to keep track of me and one DC in a small room with a few objects in it. The DC behaves on her own. And is actually my dream guide.
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      I thought of Blade when I read the title. So, is this basically lucid day dreaming? Either way, it sounds quite interesting.
      I wonder, if you could ask whether the dream guide prefers day walking to regular lucid dreams?

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