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    Thread: Whats happening to me? Please help im extremely new at this!

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      Whats happening to me? Please help im extremely new at this!

      Hello Everyone!!

      I have been experiencing unusual dreams that have just recently been happening and disturbing me. Not sure exactly what is since a lot of the research Iíve been doing is indicating It could be Sleep Paralysis, Lucid dreaming and even OBE. Please help!

      Let me start by telling a bit of myself. I dream and I dream both crazy and beautiful things. On top of that I have great dream recall. Of course my dreams occur in unfamiliar locations with unfamiliar faces Iíve never seen, well at least from what my conscious mind leaves me to believe. I am a beginner in mediation and have been doing a lot of research on lucid dreaming. Also, I have been more in tuned with spirituality.
      Before I sleep, meditate or even try and lucid dream I always ground myself by praying to my guardian angels.

      So I here it isÖ..

      First incident

      First I would like to start off by saying that I never, ever sleep on my back. First I played relaxing music from my iphone which I usually do to help me relax while falling asleep. At this time I was on my stomach laying down with my hands hugging my pillow. I donít even remember my dream starting in any particular way besides being awoken to a terrible feeling as if someone was trying to take control of my body and I mean I instantly felt a strong energy that was lifting me in the air. In this dream I was sleeping on my back and my body was being forced up to the ceiling by this horrifying energy that I was trying to resist. I couldnít move, even speak while I was trying to call out for someone to help. Then my body was flying around my room, closest to the ceiling. My body felt like It was being controlled at this point my body was going towards my window in top speed ready to fly out, But with the fear of now hitting into my window scared me, I woke up for real. What I donít understand is that I know I was dreaming because I was aware while It was happening. I had become aware once I knew I was still in my house in the same pajamas with the same furniture and all. But this feeling and what happened is what I cant knock off. Besides my dreams never take place in my home.

      SecondÖwhich is very simple and quick but still frightening.
      FYIÖI hate snakes, definitely my biggest fear and for some reason I have had a few normal dreams that involved them. But this was unlike any.

      So one day I decided to take a nap on my mothers queen size bed. I fell asleep on her side which would normally be on the left. In my dream I was aware that I was sleeping there and looked to my right only to see a black snake creeping up the side of the bed with a normal size head but the unusual part about this was that its body was very short. Now its trying to come at me and of course being so fearful of it attacking me I try to move even scream but I canít! As the snake was getting closer I ended up waking up! Wow, it felt so real as if it was really happening.

      And to the last that just happened to me last week.

      Again falling asleep only this time facing my wall while I was laying on my left side. In my dream I was also sleeping the same way I fell asleep. With the feeling of this terrifying energy pulling me from behind towards the floor at this point I remember seeing a glass and as this energy was pulling me I ended hitting into this glass which made it hit the floor before I could and saw it shattered now as my body is leaning towards it the fear of my face going into it scares me like crazy. Wow, I woke up! I noticed I had just dreamed it and decided within seconds to fall back asleep. OMG now in this dream again but this time the glass isnít there but again Iím being pulled from this energy from behind and ready to hit the floor again only this time as I got close to hitting the floor my body was forced up by this energy in a sitting position on my bed then moved from left to right that last briefly and then I finally woke up again! Only this time I completely stood up to shake off the feeling of what had happened and prayed before going back to sleep 5 minutes later.

      Sorry for all of this information and if I havenít been clear enough. Its probably doesnít sound as scary as I know it to be since I felt fear like never before.

      Through all of these experiences I was truly sleeping and definitely dreaming it but I was aware that I was dreaming all along which I was never able to do in any of my other dreams. But why couldnít I move or even speak, why didnít I have control over my body and instead felt as if someone else had control? Why am always resisting this energy from taking me away or wherever it is trying to take me? Why are my dreams happening in my personal space like never before?

      Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this. Any information would certainly help.

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      Hi Frenchie,

      This looks very familiar to experiences you can get when practising WILD, where you try to enter a lucid dream from waking state. There is nothing to worry about, it is just very normal, although very scary, but you get used to, after some time you are very glad if you start to feel the vibrations and the energy pulling you out of your body (this is only mental, it is a feeling you get when your awareness detaches from your body to the non-material dream-scene). It's called the separation from your waking body, so you are only left with your dream body. This happens to everybody, every night, but we are almost never concious about it, unless we practise WILD. Maybe you are not practising wild, but meditating and maybe praying like this, and even the fear that something is going to hapen, can make your mind so alert that you stay aware when your body falls asleep, and that's when these experiences occur.

      You probably read already alot about it, I just want to confirm that it really is SP and the separaration you are feeling. First of all, when your body falls asleep and a dream is going to start, to protect yourself from accidently moving along with your dreambody, your real body turns in a paralized state. When you experience this consciously, this can be very frightening in the beginning (but again, when you get used to it, you are very happy to experience this, because this gives you a chance to enter a dream staying lucid), you can't move, you can't scream, don't worry, nothing can happen to you, stay calm, you can hear strange voices, very real like, feel like somebody is sitting on top of you and you can even see with your (real) eyes closed, at this stage you are already dreaming, so that is very cool, all kind of strange and (in the beginning) scary things can happen, like that glass falling. The energy you feel that pulls you is the separation taking place, your conciousness looses awareness of your real body and tries to grasp on something familiar, a feeling of a body, a dreambody, but in the transition this can be very chaotic, understand it like your conciousness is loosing the ground under itself and desperately is searching something to hold on to, that's why you feel like being pulled, lifted, I always have a feeling of spinning around my body very vigorously, for me it is not scary, I am very, very happy when I feel it, because it means my conciousness is shifting focus from my sleeping body (as long as i can feel my sleeping body, i can't enter the dream state) to my dreambody. It is a very strange thing for your conciousness you know, so it feels very dramatic, just try to stay calm, it is actually wonderful, you are entering the non-material, you are leaving all your material limits behind and gaining freedom in the non-material: the dream. If you manage to stay calm, it is much less dramatic, even very enjoyable, it is your fear that is making the seperation so difficult, your fear tends to hold you on to your sleeping body, thats why it is so dramatic and scary, you keep your conciousness in the in between state, you don't let it go, that's why you experience so strong energy pulls, because without knowing you pull back, your fear holds you on to your body, while you are in the process of detaching from your body. Imagine that you are trapped in a swamp, somebody tries to rescue you, tries to pull you out of it, but you resist, what will this person do? Pull harder, more force, more vigorously, pulling you in many different directions, almost tearing you apart, but, when you let go, the person just can smootly pull you out of there. It is the same, do not resist and it will go smoothly. Don't be afraid, trust me, nothing can go wrong, your fear can make it not pleasurable, but even then nothing can go wrong, so better let go of the fear, jump in the unknown, let the energy pull you to the dreambody (it is process of stabilising your awareness around a imagined dreambody, that's all), let it happen, you will be rewarded if you do, because if you do, because once your awareness gets stabilized around your dream-body, you get perfect freedom, you can do whatever you like with this dreambody in the dream, you can fly, you can swim under water without needing to breath, you can explore your dream, create other dreamscenes, then you are in control (you can speak, move like you want) and that is a wonderful feeling.

      Let go! Try to control your fear!

      Good luck, "bonne chance", and see you in Lucid Dream space soon :-)
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      sounds like a mix between sleep paralysis and false awakening

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