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    Thread: Looking for answers for my questions.

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      Looking for answers for my questions.

      Hello, I am in need of answers to questions that have been bothering me for the last few weeks.

      1) This isn't a question but I am too lazy to do lucid exercises and why is that? sometimes I would remember to do exercise but in my mind ,I often get loss in thought.
      2) When I do a WILD and read about lucid dreaming for an hour and try to fall alseep ,it is hard to fall asleep and plus I think to much.
      3) During in dreams I noticed that sometimes my thought is this "gasp.. I am dreaming, noting happens for a split second my dream turned black and in my mind I it again "I am dreaming and eventually my mind just gives up. This is all form memory, I notice that in my dreams I can hear myself thinking.
      4) Dreaming about waking up on my bed (in this dream my bedroom was like 100% the same form my walking world) I check my alarm it says 7:00am I was like "oh its that early" and went back to sleep and when I finally woke up guess what the time it said 5:00am!. What is my mind playing tricks on me or a false awaking.

      I truly appreciate for taking a few minutes of your time to answer my questions and thank you for answering any of the four questions.
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      1. Lack of dedication. Read the forum to get excited, set up some reminders to RC.

      2. Read this http://www.dreamviews.com/wild/

      3. Not sure about the question, sorry.

      4. That is a false awakening FA. Just a normal dream, that you get up in your bedroom and go about your things. RC everytime you get up from bed in waking life. That way you will RC when in a dream and it will help you get lucid. http://www.dreamviews.com/induction-...hecks-rcs.html

      Good luck and happy dreams

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      1. ^

      2. Do you try to fall asleep consciously? This sounds more like a WBTB to me to be honest (waking up in the middle of the night and spending some time reading about lucid dreaming or getting yourself set up for lucid dreaming, then going back to sleep normally). If it's a WBTB, reduce the time you stay awake (even only 10-20 minutes is sometimes good, but you can experiment with this), avoid bright lights and monitors, and in general don't wake yourself up too much. You want to be relaxed and aware, not alert and wide-awake. If you're trying to WILD (waking up and going back to sleep without moving much and without losing awareness to enter a lucid dream from the time you're awake), I highly highly recommend against staying awake for more than 10 minutes maybe, at the most dream journal, use the restroom, and try to get comfortable, otherwise you might wake up too much and will struggle falling back to sleep and going directly into REM. This is only from personal experience, I'm not 100% sure if the true holds the same for everyone, but I don't think anyone purposefully stays up before a WILD and reads about LDing in the process (like I said this sounds more like a WBTB, and WBTB and WILD don't go well together).
      Lots of parentheses in that answer, oops.

      3. I might be misunderstanding the question, is it that you black out for a split second when you go lucid? I think this may be from something like sudden excitement, or even after a while of it happening you expect it to happen now. When you go lucid, don't think about everything going black, just think about what you want to do and try to stay relaxed and calm--you can be excited, but don't let it dominate your thoughts. Stabilize when you go lucid as well (touching objects in the dreamworld, rubbing your hands, taking in details of the dreamworld, etc.)--this will keep you anchored to the dreamworld.

      4. ^

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