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      SP & DEILD / WILD -> Extreme Head Pressure

      First Time SP Experience :

      A little back story. First time I experienced SP was little less than a year ago. I came back home at night and was so tired that I just threw myself on the bed and closed my eyes (my brother was using the computer at that). I was facing the wall and fell asleep. Now after a while (30-45 min later) I woke up, I noticed I couldn't move. All I could do was open my eyes. I was fully lucid and assumed I was in SP (as I read alot about it) not panicking at that point I tried to move my head or just escape it. After a while I finally manage to get out of bed, as I opened the door to my room I immidietly got back to bed (false awakening). I knew I was stuck in a hallucination. I would get out of bed and get back there again and again for 10-15 times struggling to it. It was intense and weird. I finally snapped out of it and got awake.

      That all weirded me out but soon I forgot about it and moved on.

      Attempt 4 days ago :

      I have gotten back into Lucid Dreaming (much more active) and been using every opportunity as I can do attemp it. (managed to have around 7 last 2 weeks so was feeling pretty good). So it all started with me 4 days ago in the afternoon while I was trying to do a WILD (4.30 PM). But I didn't succeed and fell asleep. While in the dream I became lucid by the end of it (I feel it already lasted around 10 min while unlucid) but as I did the dream started to fade. I just remained calm and tried to stay awake to make a new dream aka attemp DEILD. Now this is where the weirdest shit started to happen.

      My head was under immense pressure (and I mean physical) Like I felt its going to explode. I stuck with it flinching (imagine a ball going right at your face with your hands tied the thing you would do), but all the time I was trying to relax telling myself nothing can happen just relax get trough this. After 20-30 seconds I thought to myself - fuck it its too hard to relax can't do it and just got off the bed. Went to the bathroom washed my face and as soon as I was leaving the bathroom, bam I was back in the bed paralyzed.

      Now at this point I was aware of what has happened and thought to myself not this shit again. I tried to get up failing every time like I was doing all these movements felt like my body was out of place, like I would try to get out of bed by moving my torso (couldnt move my legs), but failed every time. I was stuck for minutes. I wasn't panicking I was 100% lucid and aware like the best awareness I ever had. After a while I just wanted to get out of the dream to make sure I'm alright (that head pressure really got into me). I got reminded of the mylynes thread of being stuck in a dream forever (proof that I had quite good awareness) and after few minutes it finally ended I woke up but my right eye was hurting as hell, maybe cuz I was laying on it but still didn't felt good.

      Anyone have any similar experience with the head pressure thing? I had it happen on multiple occasions when trying DEILD but this one was the longest and the most intense so far.
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