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      Red face Can you find out real world information in lucid dreams, can you speak to other people?


      Can you gather real information about the real world from lucid dreams? I realize that it's not the same as astral travel, but I was wondering if it was possible.

      Also, can you communicate with other people in their dreams? Perhaps visit a sleeping person and speak with them and obtain knowledge?


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      Everything you've already seen and know (your subconscious) determines what you can see. Anything else is your imagination using that subconscious data to form other things. You cannot see someone in a dream that you have not seen in reality. (But sometimes our brain mixes faces to make someone new).
      As for mutual dreaming, it is not possible.

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      Quote Originally Posted by InfernoCem View Post
      As for mutual dreaming, it is not possible.
      Do you have proof? (worth doing some research about shared dreaming)

      These kinds of questions are hard to answer because, while they fall under the more non-scientific category (clustered up with psychic abilities, remote viewing, etc.), it's still being debated whether things like shared dreaming and finding out new and fresh real world information (not sure if there's a name for this) in dreams is possible or not. However, disregarding all that and on a more scientific level, I can say your subconscious mind is what mostly rules your dreams and will show you things you either already know or can imagine (like InfernoCem already mentioned)--however, dreams can also access things in your memories or can tell you things about yourself that you were not consciously aware of and are mostly blocked off from knowing in waking life, but your subconsciousness knew about it all along.

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      Well, specifically speaking, the two above responses are accurate and hold true to scientific experiments. But if we were to focus more on derision rather than causation, it appears that not only can your dreams provide you with insight and depth that your analytical mind cannot provide (because when you dream your conscious mind effectively "turns off" and the creative side of your brain can effectively work better, serendipity has been shown to derive when you don't analyse things, (the solution to almost any brain teaser, stop analysing it!)). But also many scientists have had their scientific theories catalysed by their dreams which "somehow" provided them with the information they needed, my memory doesn't serve me well but I know of a few scientific discoveries assisted through dreams:

      Mendeleev was the first person to accurately make the periodic table of elements after his dream revealed to him that there were actually spaces that nobody had yet accounted for.

      Descartes saw the basis for scientific method in a dream

      James Watson stated that he stumbled upon the double helical structure of DNA through a dream (although this was shown to be false after another woman's boss confessed about showing Watson and Crick the X-ray crystallography of a double helix)

      and I believe that Einstein was inspired into theoretical physics by a dream *citation needed*.

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      There is plenty of anecdotal evidence of shared dreaming and "remote viewing" through dreams. However, whether or not this evidence is factual is certainly a tough question.

      If somebody tells you of having shared a dream with another person, is this person telling the truth? Kind of hard to assess ...

      But given the present uncertainties about the structure of the universe (including how many dimensions it's got), there is - from a physical point of view - nothing preventing shared dreaming or remote viewing.
      So ... is this the real universe, or is it just a preliminary study?

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