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      I'm struggling to have my first lucid dream, I have some questions about FILD.

      Hi, as I say, I've failed to have a lucid dream so far. I've come close to DILD a few times, but woke up in each. I wake up sometimes in the night and try to FILD, but to no success.

      What should I think about when I FILD? If I focus on my fingers as I slowly move them, I find I cannot sleep; and when I let my mind wander, I fall asleep too quickly and don't go into a dream.

      Can someone please tell me what I should focus my mind on when I'm trying to FILD, I don't know whether the aim is to fall asleep or stay awake.

      Hope you can help,

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      Weirdly enough, I attempted FILD for the first time yesterday. Or, not really an attempt, but just practice of the movement.

      I find that not really moving my fingers, but just lightly twitching my fingers works the best. Apply pressure, I guess? (Sounds like I'm a doctor.)
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      I dream alot, I would have 4 dreams i could remember every night, Thats the first step, Remembering your dreams..

      The only way i can lucid dream is set my alarm clock 4 hours from when i went to sleep, Turn it off when i wake up, Then Focus hard on the dream i was just at, Ill be in the dream again, But i'll now im dreaming, and become lucid

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