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    Thread: Anyone tried LDing to confront phobias?

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      Anyone tried LDing to confront phobias?

      I have a terrible dear if driving, and have experimented with lucid driving a couple times. I usually wreck though lol so maybe this one is a bad example. But have any of you ever use LDing maybe to conquer a fear of heights, water, snakes, bugs, even public speaking?
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      I have had the opposite effect where my dreams have been increasing my phobia of spiders, I actually never hd a phobie about them until I started having really bad dreams with them.

      One was me walking into my bedroom that for some reason looked really old and right after I walked in I turn on the lights and I'm surrounded by spiders hanging from the ceiling and making their way onto me.

      Then I've had a couple dreams where spiders would go onto me and then burrow into my skin, and I spent the rest of the dream with a toothpick trying to dig them out.

      And lastly I've had quite a bit of dreams where I'll be next to a wall and notice after a while that there's a huge spider on the wall, and when I notice it it'll try to get onto me right away.

      This is a big difference from when I use to play with spiders letting them walk around on my hand and stuff.
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      I have used lucid dreaming to conquer almost every phobia you listed. All of them but water, was never afraid of water. Most recent one was tornadoes, I flew straight into a few giant ones and meditated in there while my body was torn to shreds. I felt really peaceful when I woke up, was great! But it was also really scary the first few times I did it.

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      Stephen LaBerge mentions using Lucid dreaming for this exact purpose in his book "Exploring the world of lucid dreaming". You should check it out some time. He talks about how you should confront nightmares, and/or phobias and such and how there are multiple ways of doing so. One of the ways is remembering that its just a dream and that nothing can hurt you and that you just project love at whatever your phobia is and this either dissolves the fear of whatever it is or transforms it into a much more desirable thing. On the other hand He states that the phobias/nightmares also show you a part of who you are as a symbol and that you can either project love as I mentioned earlier or fight whatever it is to conquer it. Really though check out his book its much more clearer and it goes way more into detail. Much love
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