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      Lucid Dreaming? why now?


      I experienced 2 dreams so far in about 1 year and a half in which I suddenly was aware that I was dreaming.

      - The first one I was in the middle of a crossroad speaking with two other people a man and a female I didn't recognized, in what looked like a shopping mall or a train station. Suddenly I said the the man something like, ''I have no time to speak to you right now, I am currently dreaming and might wake up at any moment''.

      That was bizzar, afterward I ''left'' the place and a nonsens dreaming took place.

      - The second was between two dreams sort of, I was in what looked approximatively like an outdoor marketplace with restaurants. I suddenly became aware and said to myself ''I am Dreaming!'' all became vivid and very clear I could see in minute details and control my movements at will. I went toward at the checkout in some sort of restaurant and looked up to the waitress right in the eyes but the awareness dissolved little by littles and the rest of the dream was no more lucid.

      What does it all mean? I didn't even konw this kind of dream had a name before researching about it. I started experiencing them as an adult, never before can I remember doing so. I practice self-awareness meditation for 20 minutes each day for months now to calm my anxieties in life, could it be a cause?

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      Welcome, StarlightNight.

      Lucid dreaming means that you are aware enough in the dream to realize that you are dreaming - your critical thinking is more active, and you are more present in the dream and realize that it is not waking life.
      This is a completely natural and indeed very beneficial state of consciousness.

      Meditation can definitely help with becoming lucid, because meditation is a form of self-awareness, and this can make it easier for you to become more aware in your dreams as well.
      In fact, lots of lucid dreamers practice different forms of meditation to improve their chances to become lucid!

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      The fact that you have been practicing meditation is a major benefactor in your sudden lucid experiences.

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