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    Thread: All my life

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      All my life

      All my life I've had lucid dreams. When I was 5 I had dreams of a giant hand grabbing me from my bed. They developed in to dreams of me being able to fight the giant hand and make it do my will. I'm 26 now. I still have total control of my dreams. I choose what I do and how I do it. Other members of my family have lucid dreams too. In my dreams I'm always the main character and I have control of me. I don't have control of the setting or the other characters in my dreams, but I do have control of me. When I was little I couldn't wake up when I needed too. I can now. It's still difficult, but, when I feel like I need to wake up I can make that happen. It often leads to short term dream paralysis. My dreams are often so intense they feel real. That's just life for people with the brain power we have been allotted.

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      Yes i have seen more people who lucid dream everytime. This is fine.
      Most people drean withput control and then there are people like you that always have cotrol. Its nothing bad at all. So dont worry thats normal and allot of people that have that too.

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      So in the dreams you know that you are dreaming? Or you are just in control of your actions? Because there is a difference! Welcome to DV. We welcome all types of dreamers here.

      Happy lucids.

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