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      unaware lucid dreams

      Right i've been having these really annoying 'lucid' dreams recenty. I hav'nt been trying to lucid dream in a long time now but during this time I seem to have become lucid in dreams but it is not the same lucid as when I was actively pursuing it if that makes sense. It's like part of me becomes aware im dreaming and I feel like oo that means I can do anything, but I dont seem to be fully aware and also every single time without fail the dream starts slipping away really quickly, the lucidity does, in my mind im going this wont last long its going to go and I can only describe it as a blurry almost drowsy feeling as Im losing lucidy, I get a foggy and drowsy feeling. Does anyone else experience this? I feel like ive now trapped myself into getting this everytime as I now expect it. I even try and do some tricks to keep lucidity and it just doesnt work. Im guessing these are pretty low levels of awareness in these lucid dreams though. Just incredibly frustrating! Im sure as I start to actively pursue lucid dreaming again I will have more luck.

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      You said you used some tricks, but have you touched the objects/walls/etc. in your dreams? I don't have much experience with it but I have heard from the people here that it works well to keep lucidity and to make everything clearer.

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      Stephen LaBerge, who studied Lucid Dreaming for years suggested that -EXPECTATION- (just trying to stress the word, im not angry or anything) -Tremendously effects all Lucid Dreams. What YOU the dreamer believe, impacts your whole dream world. Literally anyting you believe goes. So if you believe it wont last long, you are literally making it to where it will be short. Next time you are lucid truely believe that your lucid dream will last longer, start out with something like "my lucid dream will last 2 times longer", and grow from there. But in order for this to work, you have to have NO DOUBT at all, and trust me it works. Out of the 8 lucid dreams ive had, Ive learned SO much from them. Ive learned that If you dont think you can do it, then you cant. Stephen also wrote in his book, "Exploring the world of Lucid Dreaming", that if you have problems with awareness and need to increase it and your level of lucidity simply interact with your environment, touch objects, smell the air, listen to sounds, look around- do anything that uses your 5 senses and it will work. Your mind is extremely powerful and is everything in the dream world. Just shouting statements like, "Increase Lucidity by 1000" would work. Theres alot more but Ill end it with this: look at my signature

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