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      Help me sort some things out.

      Hi, i'm new here and i am happy that i discovered the thing called "lucid dreaming". i was watching Good Mythical Morning on youtube and saw the video about this subject and it got me really interested. I always wanted to do whatever i like because i got bad "real life". I've discovered lucid dreaming at 2/25/2014 and whole day i was reading all over the forums why and how it works.

      I started doing RC's, i got dream journal and 2-3 times a day i re-live past hours of that day by trying to remember the much as i can. It works really well and to this day i wrote 4 dreams out of 5 nights which isn't bad is it?

      So now i got some questions to ask that were bothering me and made me think alot.

      1) Why people tell that they can only LD for like 10min max and that they have LD's rarely??
      2) How much practice and time do i need in order to be lucid and control my dreams?
      3) How long can you stay in the dream i mean how much you think it lasted in real life time?
      4) Do i need to use WILD,DILD,FILD..etc in order to LD?

      And the last question: Is it really worth it? I see alot of the posts that people struggle to LD and that they can't last long. And it scares me when someone says: It took me years to LD which just destroys my motivation completly.

      Also give me advice how should i do RC's and all the tips that someone should need to know, because i would like to hear someone experienced.

      - I do RC's by looking in my hands and really asking myself am i dreaming or not, i also look at the clock.
      - 2-3 times a day i try to remember what i did during the day and then final one before sleep.
      - Before sleep i say "When i woke up i will remember my dreams" it worked well so far.
      - i write every dream and every detail i can remember.

      Thats about it. Thanks for the reading.. all the best.

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      1) Because maintaining control over dreams is fairly difficult for beginners. It gets easier as you have more and more LDs.
      2) That highly depends on the particular person, the time spent training for LD, the effort put into the training, the state of mind of the person, stress levels, sleep hours and schedule, etc. Some people, although rare, get their first lucid dream in the first few days. For a few unlucky people it can take even years.
      3) From the things I've read, time can become distorted in the dream world. 10 minutes here might feel shorter or longer in the dream, or no difference at all.
      4) You don't need to use those techniques, they are meant to help induce a lucid dream. Ultimately, what triggers lucidity in a dream is awareness. If you aren't aware enough, no matter what technique you use, it can fail, nothing is foolproof.

      Quote Originally Posted by Despot View Post
      And the last question: Is it really worth it? I see alot of the posts that people struggle to LD and that they can't last long. And it scares me when someone says: It took me years to LD which just destroys my motivation completly.
      Unfortunately, that's nothing we can help with. Your desire to lucid dream is your own. If you don't feel motivated then you're probably not going to do it.
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      mimihigurashi pretty much covered a lot of it. But I want to add on. Just because some people can only maintain 10 minutes, doesn't mean that's the case for everyone. Some people have claimed they were "stuck in a lucid dream" to where it felt like a long time. The time in dream reality and waking reality aren't 100% the same. It's perception. However, people are still working on how to prolong a lucid dream to last, maybe even hours, or days, or years. They say the limit is our imagination, so I wouldn't let a few experiences discourage you.

      In regards to if it's worth it, it depends on what you want out of it. Personally, I want to learn to lucid dreaming for some of its real-world applications like enhanced creativity. I'll be honest, just to have a virtual playground in my head wasn't enough to motivate me. So you have to decide whether this is something you want to invest in, what specifically, and why. But, hey, you dream every night, so you'll always have an opportunity to try anyway whether it's worth it or not, right?

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      If you really want to lucid dream and do the impossible in your head, then you'll have no problem working for it. The people who had given up most likely lost motivation to do it. Trust me, it's pretty hard to keep motivated, but read other people's DJs, read the forums, keep your mind on lucid dreaming and hopefully the motivation stays with you. Don't give up. You'll get there. Trust me, it's totally worth it!

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      Good mythical morning! I love that show!

      I have LDs almost every night... Average is about 10 minutes and my longest time has seemed to be like hours or even days. People say that it is impossible, but everyone that LDs eventually has an LD that lasts way too long.

      In order to LD, you must know that you are dreaming while you are asleep. If you think that standing on your head and eating cheerios will help, then do it. Merely knowing about LDing and having vivid dreams seems to be enough to induce them inconsistently, but in order to be consistent you kind of have to make it a hobby and keep a great sleep schedule. A dream journal is good but not necessary. My favorite threads that I have made are in my sig if you want to check them out, but this site has a lot of good tutorials in the welcome section, so I think that starting there would be good for you. We push certain techniques because they have the highest success rate, but dont be afraid to try new things, LDing is not perfected, so every tech is a suggestion on things to do that might help you. The mainthing that you should look for is what makes you lucid, not what some random dude did for 1 week and it worked. Good luck!

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