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      I seriously need with the WILD technique. I've been trying it and can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong. The tutorial I've been following is the video from the GizEdwards Youtube channel called, "Step By Step Guide to WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dream)."

      I'm stuck on the step where he talks about keeping your arms above your head. Does it mean to keep your arms in the air, or just lay them down behind your head? I've been doing the latter and I don't feel a strong urge to drop my arms, which is why I feel stuck.

      I've had only a handful of lucid dreams before, but never for more than a minute, never intentionally, or with control. I'm not a complete beginner at this, since I've been doing my reality checks, watching many videos and reading what books I can get. But I feel this is the best method for me to have my first real lucid dream because with the other techniques, I always have trouble falling back to sleep.

      So, for those who have watched Giz Edward's video, please clarify that for me. I'm really tired of trying these things and not having any results. Thanks.
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      Hello again Screen,

      I don't know if you accidentally cross-posted this. I replied to your other thread http://www.dreamviews.com/wake-initi...sly-stuck.html in the WILD subforum.

      You should probably get a moderator to delete this one.

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