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    Thread: Gender in lucid dreams

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      Gender in lucid dreams

      As some of you may know, I'm FtM, pre-everything. However, I've never used a lucid dream to be a guy. Usually in my dreams, I already am a guy, so I don't have to worry about that much anyway, but I've never consciously done it in a lucid.

      Has anyone used their lucid dreams to accomplish what in real life is so hard to accomplish? And, for people who aren't transgender but have switched genders because it sounds like a fun lucid challenge, how was the experience? I think this was a TOTM a few months ago?

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      I can't remember when I started changing gender in LDs or why, other than I thought it would be cool to be the guy. I mean, I don't think I'm transgender, assuming there's no gray area there. But I admit I really like it. I can't even explain how I do it. I'll just be hanging around in one of my lucids when I suddenly get that urge. Then if I put my hand down there, it's already there and ready to go lol. I guess I'm lucky that way. Sometimes it's just the genetalia that changes to male, and sometimes all of me. For the latter I have to be in front of a mirror, and will myself to be a man. The experience is usually fun, but many times also frustrating. Like I sometimes get erectile disfunction or I just wake up too soon.

      I have had non lucids where I was a guy as well, but those are super rare. And I'm a celebrity. One time I was Tom Hanks, and another time I was Danny DeVito. I so have to link y'all to the second one, it was stupid funny.

      Ok found it http://www.dreamviews.com/artists-co...tml#post246733
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      One dream I remember, I was hiding in a shady motel while being chased by criminals. I realized I was dreaming, and decided it would be fun to change gender to fool my foes. My form changed from the male I am into a very sly woman with long black beautiful hair, and a subtle complex darkness to her, like she had a mysterious history. It was very interesting, I put a hoody on and went out into the rainy afternoon. I felt the world looking at me as a female, and I looked back as one too. It felt completely different and alien to how feeling male feels, like I not only changed in appearance but also mind state, kind of like I felt completely female as I walked down the street. I got some complements on my long black hair, and felt like I was blushing from the males giving me the complements, thing is in real life I have no desires to be female or would blush from guys giving my hair complements ;P I wonder how my mind nailed so perfectly the identity of a "mysterious" woman it was uncanny and completely natural during that dream. I had lost my true identity for twenty minuets and it was quite the trip. I completely forgot this dream, and your topic made it come back in a flash, I'll have to put this down in the dream journal. So to answer your question yes at least in my case I have definitely consciously changed sex. Thanks for the interesting topic, you brought back a long forgotten dream I should have written down long ago. Amazing how a single paragraph can bring back an entire dream with a vivid memory. I love that my dreams are like real memory's as soon as I remember the thing comes back like wall of thunder. No subtly whatsoever. As for you, clearly you 100% identify male so completely that even your subconscious already has you male. To me that means your going to need a mantra that you will enter the dream as a female, that should eventually work. From there you would transform to male.

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      Well for me I think I am normally my male self but I want to be female all the time in my dreams, I would love that to be a permanent thing, I can't wait to change gender in a lucid dream and feel female not just look female, I haven't yet had the chance unfortunately.
      I think I was a girl though in a dream the other week actually.
      Being female in waking life would be awesome in my opinion, I would prefer it over being male.
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