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    Thread: Lucid Dream Why didnt do anything

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      Angry Lucid Dream Why didnt do anything

      I was at a town called turners beach 30 minutes from where i live. a friend and i where on a street where another friend lives i realized we where on the street that he lived and we walked to his house it looked completely different he said to me doesn't my house look different and i said yeah cause im dreaming we went inside i knew i was dreaming but i just played it out witch is frustrating we went up stairs to see his pet rabbit we petted it for a bit before entering a room then i woke up
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      I think the problem here is that you weren't aware enough to do anything. Have you been practising your awareness during the day? Have you questioned everything around you, tested your memory or tried to levitate an object in waking life? If you do it enough it should crossover into your dreams and then you'll know you're dreaming because something isn't quite right.

      Here's a couple of threads on the subject:


      Puffin's DILD Guide - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      Also, welcome to Dream Views!

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      I talk a lot about this in the thread in my signature. Simply put, there are two types of awareness you need in order to have a good LD.

      General dream awareness

      State awareness

      General dream awareness is the amount of awareness you have in a dream generally. This comes from good recall and good sleep schedule and things like this. Epic dreams are created from this.

      State awareness is pretty much being aware of the dream state. Having high stateawareness in waking life moves over to dreams and if you dont have general dream awareness, then you will end up noticing that you are dreaming and not having control, even control of your body or thoughy processes is surrendered.

      The good news is that it is a lucid dream! So it is a step forward. In order to have epic lucid dreams though, you will need to work GDA.

      This is why we always recommend RCs (state awareness) and DJing (easiest way to increase GDA) as the first things that you should do when starting LDing.

      If you have any more questions, just ask!

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