I watched a video about lucid dreaming and time dilation where the speaker described something that happened to me the other night.

He starts talking about time dilation around 4:53. It's only two minutes, so please watch it as he offers a much better explanation than I, and anyone will find it at the very least, insightful. Who knows, it might be new information to you.

My Time Dilation Experience

I don't remember everything because I brushed the dream off as unimportant, but I remember enough about the end of it. I'll keep to the point. For some reason, I thought to myself that it had already been a month since I was dreaming, and right there, I tried to remember all that happened. What followed was a series of events flashing in my head.

It's like things you know you're aware of but can't remember, like a person's name. The moment you do remember, it's like an ah-ha moment. Well, imagine having dozens of those ah-ha moments appearing every second.

I don't remember my entire dream, but I know it didn't last more than 5 minutes, being generous. When I was convinced a month had passed, I didn't remember it all due to lack of lucidity and being quickly woken up after the experience began, but I "felt" a month's worth of experience being remembered for a brief moment before waking up. Keep in mind, I wasn't controlling any of this.


Assuming you've already seen the listed video, I experienced false memories. It's a bit different from what he described in that I wasn't at the beginning of a story, skipped to the end, and let my mind fill in the blanks with new memories. I was convinced I was already at the end, and then the memories appeared. I guess it's not that much of a difference in that either way, you've yet to experience the story.

To wrap it up, even in my half-remembered, not very vivid or lucid dream, I still managed to experience these things without conscious effort. But imagine if I did. How different, how more realistic would it be then? Maybe one of you has experienced the same but didn't know how to properly word it until now. Or maybe after reading this, you're tempted to try it for yourself. I know I am.

Also, I know my time dilation explanation wasn't the most precise, I was just trying to describe it in the way I experienced it. Do any of you have similar stories or input to share?