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    Thread: Not Remembering dreams?

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      Not Remembering dreams?

      I was pleasantly surprised to be able to become vivid in two of my dreams the past three months, but since those I have had no success in being able to remember or control dreams. It was suggested to me to watch horror movies and then convert the nightmares should I have any to LD. Anyway, my main problem is that I don't seem to be able to remember many dreams. I can remember the two I mentioned plus two I had when I in my early teens. I've also been able to do to WBTB but I don't remember dreaming if I did at all. I also have trouble sleeping at night. Any tips on dream recall?

      By the way, my sister can easily remember her dreams and becomes lucid about twice a month on average according to her and my dad can remember some of his dreams.

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      Try this: Every night while you are laying in bed trying to fall asleep say this to yourself repeatedly, "I will wake up after my dreams and remember them." Saying it out loud (even if you are whispering) tends to work better than just thinking it. Have a notebook and pen next to your bed. When you wake up, lay still with your eyes closed and try to remember your dream. When you remember it, jot down a few notes to remind you of the dream. Then you can write the entire dream down in the morning. This may take some time to work, but it is working very well for me.

      I also say "While I am dreaming I will realize it is a dream and become lucid."
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      It's not that you're not able to remember your dreams. I'm willing to bet you're trying to remember them at least, say, five minutes after you've woken up. As I'm sure you know, you will forget your dreams shortly after waking up if you don't make the effort to remember them immediately. As quickly as five minutes, yes. Only the most vivid or emotion-filled dreams are easily remembered, like, say, nightmares.

      But if you try to write down what happened right after waking up, you'll find you're able to remember just fine. Make this a habit until you're able to remember better without writing them down.

      Finally, I want to comment on what Tygar said about the mantras. They're like affirmations in which they serve to program the subconscious mind. But you have to know certain things about them, like what factors are needed and which ones are just placebos. Saying them aloud, for example, is a placebo. If it feels more reassuring, do it. But your mind gets the message either way.

      You also have to know how it works. For one thing, it doesn't know the difference between reality and fantasy. Why do you think you get scared watching horror films even though your conscious mind knows there's no threat? That's just one example of how differently it thinks compared to your conscious mind, but you know how to look this up yourself.

      The subconscious also thinks only in the present tense. If you say you will remember dreams, it perceives the present of you not being able to remember your dreams, ergo, that's what it gives you: not remembering the dreams. Use a short mantra like, "I remember my dreams perfectly," while imagining that you already do. And make sure you don't doubt yourself while using it, don't even let those thoughts appear. If they do, replace them with the mantra immediately. Hope this all helps you.
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