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    1. Sun Sep 1 2019

      by , 09-03-2019 at 01:18 PM
      Well, I had some success over the weekend, but did not achieve lucidity.

      (Sunday Sep 1st 2019 - 6:45 AM is when I woke from the dream).

      In my dream I am at an American football game. It was either a high school or a college event. There are a lot of people standing around the field and many in the stands. I am aware that they are having a drawing and one lucky person will win one million dollars. I hear them call my name as the winner over the loud speakers. I turn to my wife and ask (with great surprise) "Did they just call my name???" She says yes, and is very excited. I ask where I need to go and she tells me there is a table near the entrance. I start jogging toward the table passing many people (who pay no attention to me). I reach the table and there is a blond woman standing behind the table, but there are 3 people in front of me speaking with her. I am amazed and excited that I have won 1 million dollars, but then (in my head) I ask the critical question "Am I Dreaming???" I glance behind the woman and there are 2 signs attached to a board behind her. One is a blue sign with white lettering that says "ADVANCED TICKETS" the other is a white sign with red letters which says "EXIT -->" I look away from the advanced ticket sign and then look back and it is exactly the same. So I assume I am not dreaming and I am very happy about that... the dream fades and I wake up.
    2. 20-Aug-2019

      by , 08-20-2019 at 12:05 PM
      I was very sleep deprived last night and my dream recall was terrible. I know I woke up from a dream at one point before my alarm went off, but I couldn't recall anything. When I woke up to my alarm it killed most of my dream recall. The only thing I could remember was that the actor George Clooney and I were trying to find a way to parachute a baby elephant in to a region of the world were we had American troops fighting a war. I'm pretty sure that was part of the plot to a 1990's movie. Strange.
    3. Aug 10, 11, 16 & 17 2019

      by , 08-19-2019 at 06:38 PM

      Dream 1: I'm taking a shower in a public shower, like the one at my Jr. high school back in the 80's. There are 2 other guys with me; 2 I don't know and the 3rd is Sylvester Stallone. As I took off my shirt i was feeling very confident with my physique (as I am in real life, for a 50 year old guy).

      Dream 2: I was in a 3 level apartment building, on the 3rd floor. There was a big storm going on outside. I am looking out of window in a door leading out to a deck. I see the water level is almost up to the 3rd floor (20+ feet). I go out the door onto the deck to look around. I slip and fall on the wet boards. The boards turn into a flexible material that looks like window blinds. As the waves below me come up and go down the material moves under me. I was very afraid that the deck was going to collapse. ... [Jump]... I'm back in the apartment building and I am very comfortable here as I know I live here. I have forgotten all about the storm. I'm walking down the hall. On my right is an open door. I look in, as I pass, and see a man in a wheel chair. I know him as a neighbor in my dream but not in real life. I suddenly hear music; it is an instrumental version of the song "Once Upon a Dream" from the Disney movie Cinderella. I begin to dance down the hall, along with the song, until I get to my room. I go into my apartment which is just a bedroom. The man in the wheelchair comes down to the doorway and picks up a small picture frame sitting on a small table near the door. I say, "That is a picture of my mother." He takes the picture with him as he wheels away.


      Dream 1: I'm sitting on the toilet in the larger bathroom in my house. I notice my tub is damaged. I know my wife will be upset and it will cost a lot of money to fix. I'm feeling negative emotion and do not do a RC.
      Dream 2: I'm in a room and laying on a platform. To my left is a man in a strange, very large, scuba diving suit. it covers his entire body and is very large. It looks like something from a Sci-Fi movie.
      Dream 3: I'm standing on the street in a city. Above me is a tall building. I see a man on the edge of the top floor doing a human flag (a very difficult gymnastics hold - just Google it). he is lowering and raising his legs like he is exercising. I worry he will fall.


      Dream 1: I'm on a college campus. A young Leonardo DiCaprio is standing along a sidewalk. He is trying to make conversation with women as they pass, but they are ignoring him. He has a horrible, patchy facial hair. It just looks terrible. I walk up to him and start talking to him about better ways to meet women. I tell him to stay in school so he can get a good job in the future. I tell him that good hygiene is very important. I also tell him to shave because it is better to be clean shaven than to have a bad mustache and beard.
      Dream 1: (Close to lucidity) At one point in the dream I am in a basement that I know is mine, but looks nothing like my actual basement. I am standing in front of the fuse box, about 6 feet away and I know something is wrong with it. Under the fuse box, leaning against the wall below it, I see a flat, rectangular piece of blue plastic (light blue with a dark blue boarder) which is about 4 feet tall by 6 feet long. I know it is something I need to use to fix the fuse box. I am staring at the plastic thing and I become confused and frustrated because I know I can't fix the fuse box with that plastic thing. I know something isn't right with this situation, but never do a RC. (this is a good sign that I may be getting closer to having a LD).


      I'm in a house with other people. I believe it is a dorm and I am back in college. I need to fill out paperwork, but I can't understand the writing. I am very frustrated (but don't think to do a RC)... [Jump]... I'm still in the house. I'm in a room and there is a broken bed frame which I need to set up, but the pieces of wood don't look like parts of a bed frame. I am confused and frustrated because I don't know how to put them together (I don't think to do a RC)... [Jump]... I'm with a young blond woman. She calls me over and tells me to look into a fish tank (which has no water, just some branches and leaves). I look in the open top and see a tiny (the size of a bumble bee) red bird in the tank sitting on a tiny branch. It looks like a red bird from the Angry Birds video game. (On this one again, I'm getting close to have a LD based on the confusion over things in dreams.)

      19-Aug-2019: Due to unexpected work issue I had to be online over night, so I set my alarm for 11 pm, 2 am, & 5 am. Each time the alarm went off I know I was dreaming but could not recall anything. This is a problem I have with waking up to an alarm; startling away almost always prevents me from remember dreams. I'm hoping for better dream recall tonight.
    4. 16-Aug-2019

      by , 08-16-2019 at 02:04 PM
      Horrible dream recall last night. I remember being with my wife and the assistant pastor from her church. We were standing outside of a school bus (standard yellow color) and we were parked near a highway overpass. That's all I remember.
    5. 15-Aug-2019

      by , 08-15-2019 at 11:45 AM
      My wife woke up at around 4 am to use the bathroom, which woke me up. I know I had a dream but didn't bother to think about it or jot down any notes. I will be sure to have my notebook and pen out tonight. I doze back off at some point. I find myself standing at the top of a cliff (a few hundred feet off the ground below). Below me I see the mall which is in my town. I am at the left side of the mall. I see just the outline of the foundation of what was the Sears store. I know they have torn it down and will be rebuilding it. My wife is standing to my right. We turn around and there there is an entrance to a large building (a warehouse) behind me. We walk into the warehouse and into a large room full of old dusty shelving and racks which I know came from the Sears store. We move to the left and down a short flight of stairs to an empty room. It is dimly lit and very dusty. I go down the stairs and lay down on the floor. Suddenly my ex-wife comes over to me. She looks as she did when she was in her early 20's. She reaches down and moves a blanket (that is suddenly there) over me and smiles. To my left I see my ex-wife's sister's current boyfriend. the dream fades and I wake up.
    6. 12-Oct-2018

      by , 08-13-2019 at 07:44 PM
      Date: 10/12/18 (Friday 4:25 AM – Work day)
      Dream Title: “Hang gliding” (Unintentional LD)
      Dream: Note: So for health benefits I started eating one large meal per day (23 hours of fasting then 1 hour of eating a lot of food). This has helped me get lean and improve my overall health. One of the side effects is that I’ve been waking up to urinate more often during early morning hours; as my meal is dinner and I get more liquids (from the food and drink) than usual at night then have to urinate during the night. I’ve had a couple of low level LDs since I started eating one meal per day which I have not recorded; I believe it has been at least 3. (I remember one was about my cat who died recently. I say him and instantly knew I was dreaming because I remembered he was dead. I went over and patted him and placed my ear to his chest to hear him purring. I could hear and feel him purring as well as the warmth of his body before I woke up. Another had to do with my wife and I back in high school. I don’t remember much more because I didn’t bother to write it down.) It seem that by eating a lot of food and drinking tea and water I have a tendency to wake up in the early hours of the morning to use the bathroom. This becomes an unintentional WBTB (wake back to bed) situation that happens often. So, last night was no different. I awoke due to the urge to urinate, looked at my phone (3:52 am), stumbled to the bathroom, then stumbled back to bed and dozed off fairly quickly. I find myself hanging on to a metal bar in front of me with by body stretched out behind me, suspended by some straps. I know that I am hang gliding. I can see blue sky all around me. I can see the tops of trees below me. I can see the red, yellow, and blue stripes of the fabric of the hang glider above me. Without a reality check I know that I am dreaming. I’m lucid, but at a very low level. I shift my weight forward to direct the glider to descend to the ground. As I glide lower I see a large swimming pool below me and glide right into the water. I quickly strip off the straps and move out from under the glider. I swim to the side of the pool and climb out. I see an old cabin nearby, and I appear to be at some kind of camp ground. There are many large pine trees all around. I move toward the cabin and see a dirt road leading off to my right. As I pass the cabin, which is on my left, I see a very short chubby Hispanic woman wearing a light blue maid uniform (like a real life version of the maid from the Family Guy TV series). I turn to my right to follow the road to see where it leads. But then my urge for sex takes over. I turn back and walk up to the maid. I sit on the ground in front of her, take hold of her hands and gently pull her down toward me. She has on bright read lipstick that reflects the light. I will her to morph with some success as her features become more attractive to me. I begin to kiss her deeply and feel my body ignite with even more sexual energy. I try to keep my eyes open as I know closing them can cause me to wake up or have a false awakening; but fail and close my eyes which causes me to wake up.
    7. 19-May-2018

      by , 08-13-2019 at 07:43 PM
      Date: 5/19/18 (Saturday 5:22 AM – day off)
      Dream Title: (LD #76) “This is not my phone!”
      Dream: I find myself at church with my wife and I want to leave. I am feeling annoyed & frustrated because I can’t find her, and there are many children running around and being loud and annoying. I decide to call her; so I pull my cell phone out of my coat pocket. But, what I pull out is not my cell phone…it is a large square device, which is all black, with a broken screen (it reminds me of an old 1980’s hand held video game). I feel confused for a moment… then suddenly realize that I am dreaming without a reality check. I’m lucid, but I didn’t engage my senses, say “I’m dreaming!” out loud, or anything else to stabilize the dream. Because of this my lucidity level was very low (maybe a 3 on a scale of 1-10). Suddenly the urge for sex overwhelms me (I’ve had this issue in the past and it is very annoying). I begin looking for a woman. Suddenly amount of light in the building dims. I start walking to the exit door, open it and walk out into the yard of the last house I lived in. It is night outside everything is wet like it had just rained. I look around and everything looks exactly like my old neighborhood. Two of the children follow me out into the yard (A girl about 10 years old and a boy about 8). They are asking me if I want to play a game. I’m frustrated and want to get away from them. I jump into the air to fly away. I float up into some tree branches and get caught. I’m no incredibly annoyed! I drift back down to the ground, take a deep calming breath and try to fly again, being careful to avoid the trees. I succeed in flying up around the trees, over the road where there are no branches. I fly slowly down the street (about 30 feet off the ground) looking at each house. I see one with all the lights on and fly to the front door. I land and open the door and step into a well-lit foyer. At this point I completely lose lucidity. The house has no furniture, white painted walls, and very shiny hardwood floors. I walk over to a closet door directly in front of me. I open the door and there is a flat screen TV on the wall to my right and a low shelf to my left. I move to the shelf and sit on it. I’m waiting for the TV to turn on. Suddenly I realize I am no naked. Then my daughter walks in and I freak out! I cover myself and run out of the closet and sprint for the front door…the dream fades and I wake up.
    8. 26-Feb-2018

      by , 08-13-2019 at 07:42 PM
      2/19/2018: Started new technique I call the “See the Sky” technique. It is very simple; when I see the sky I ask myself if I’m dreaming and do some kind of RC (count my fingers, look for something to read, etc) In many past LDs the sky has always been amazing.

      Date: 2/26/18 (Monday 3:36 AM – work day): Before I went to bed I set my resolve to look for the sky and become lucid in my dreams. I don’t remember a lot about this dream. I was with my wife and her family at some cult/church event. I desperately wanted to get out of this place. It was taking place at a park near a lake. I’m waking among many pine trees and rocky outcrops. I reach the top of one of those outcrops and can see the sky. My mind “clicked” and I remembered to reality check when I see the sky; except I had no need to do any form or reality check I knew I was dreaming immediately. The sky was more beautiful than any sky in real life. The blue was darker, the clouds were white and silver and absolutely perfect. I just looked at the sky in awe for a few seconds and woke up. I’m very happy that I had some quick results from this simple technique. Hopefully I will get better with it over time. I’m still not remembering to do my “See the Sky” technique every time I go outside. I need to make this a habit.
    9. 22-Sep-2017

      by , 08-13-2019 at 07:40 PM
      Date: 9/22/17 (Friday 6:15 AM – day off)
      Dream Title: (LD #75) “Kissed 3 different women” (unintentional WBTB)
      Dream: This is day 76 of my “lucid mindset/awareness” experiment. First a bit of background: I was having a mild allergic reaction to something yesterday and had some swelling in my hands. I took 2 Benadryl at about 8 pm and watched TV until 9:30, by that time I was falling asleep on the couch. I then went to bed and dozed off very quickly. I woke up from a dream at around 2:30 am, got up, used the bathroom and went back to bed. At roughly 4:15 am I am awoken by the sound of my cat vomiting on the floor next to my bed. I get up, turn on the lights and proceed to clean up the mess. I was not happy. I lay back down and struggled until at least 5:30ish to fall back to sleep. I find myself in a place that looks very similar to my old grade school cafeteria/gym/auditorium (this large room was used for all 3 back in the 70’s). I am sitting in the very back row of folding chairs facing the stage. I lean back and my folding chair reclines and I then notice I have a blanket over me. Suddenly my cat jumps up on my lap, climbs up to my chest and lays down purring. I notice that there are 3 women, with their backs to me, sitting in the 3 folding seats in front of me. One has shoulder length blond hair, one has short black hair and the other has long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. This all seems normal to me. For some reason I glance back over my left shoulder to the wall behind me and see an huge greyish-silver bug with 6 long thin legs and very long (twice as long as the body) antenna on the wall. Something clicks and I remember lying in bed trying to fall back to sleep just a short while ago. I’m Lucid! I shift my seat back upright and my cat jumps off my lap. I drop the blanket and I am feeling quite “aroused” (as most men tend to get in the early morning hours while sleeping). I go to the women with the short black hair (who is to the left of the other 2 women). I touch her shoulder and she immediately stands up and faces me. She is lovely with full lips covered in dark red lipstick. I look into her dark brown eyes, lean forward and press my lips to hers in a deep passionate kiss. My arousal level grows, but the dream fades and I wake up. I am mildly annoyed but very tired. I almost immediately doze back off. Amazingly I find myself back in the school auditorium standing in almost the same place as I was when I woke up. A woman with long blonde hair, wearing a loose fitting red, blue & white flowered top is standing in front of me. I know I’m dreaming. I reach up and touch cheek with my right hand and brush my thumb over her lips; which slightly smears her lipstick. I lean in and press my lips to hers in a deep passionate kiss, which causes me to wake up again. Again, I am mildly annoyed but still tired. I doze back off very quickly and find myself in a house I don’t recognize. I am with a woman with brown hair which is pulled back in a ponytail. She is wearing a light blue, zip up hoodie sweatshirt (which is unzipped) over a tight white t-shirt which shows off her small but beautiful breasts. This woman is not wearing any makeup, and she certainly didn’t need to. She is gorgeous. Again, I know I am dreaming. I take a step toward her, place my hands on her shoulders and begin to guide her backward toward and open door behind her. Just inside this room is a bed. We move together, me forward her backward, until her legs touch the end of the bed. Then I move my face to hers in a deep passionate kiss as I guide her body back onto the bed. I wake up….this time I couldn’t fall back to sleep. This is one of the strangest lucid dreaming experiences I’ve ever had. It seems like a strange series of events lead to this triple brief lucid dream situation. Probably a combination of the Benadryl, plus the unintentional wake-back-to-bed, plus how quickly I was able to doze back off each time. It was strange, frustrating, and fun now that I look back on it. (Lucidity level: 4)
    10. 7-Sep-2017

      by , 08-13-2019 at 07:37 PM
      Date: 9/7/17 (Thursday 4:07 AM – Work day)
      Dream Title: (LD #74) “Lucid Dreaming with little blonde girl”
      Dream: This is day 61 of my “lucid mindset/awareness” experiment. I find myself at some kind of work event. There are a lot of people around and we are in an area that is part dining hall and part park. There are table and chairs and a linoleum floor, yet we are outside. I can see the skyline and trees. Everyone is walking around with plates and cups and many people are sitting and eating. It is a warm summer day as the trees are covered in green leaves. For some reason I decide to leave. A guy with whom I work (Chris), a woman I don’t know and a small blonde girl (about 3 years old) who look a lot like my daughter looked when she was 3, all head to Chris’ car. We walk a short distance to get to the car. Chris gets in the driver’s door, the woman into the front passenger door, I get in the right rear door. When I get in I see the little girl is already in the left side of the back seat. The inside of the car is red, with red vinyl seats, red carpet on the floor and the inside of the roof is also red. The little girl is wearing a white short-sleeve shirt, red shorts, and white shoes. She has short blonde hair (just above shoulder length). Chris begins to drive and I get comfortable by sliding my back down the vinyl back of the seat to an almost laying position. The entire backseat expands so it is almost the size of a bed (I don’t notice anything wrong with this). I glance to my left over the girls head and out the window (the windows have also expanded to at least twice their original size). I have a great view of the sky, which is an amazingly vivid blue. Then I see 2 clouds, but while they are puffy cloud shaped I can see space through them (like looking through a cloud shaped window). But the space I see is like looking a picture taken by the Hubble telescope. I can see millions of stars. In that second, with no reality check, I know for a fact I am dreaming. I turn away from that window and I am no longer in a car. I am now inside of what appears to be a gondola. It is just a large box with windows & seats on all sides (the interior is still red). I look out the window to my right and can a see grassy hill, trees, houses & a street. The pure blue gorgeous sky is above. I am so happy to be lucid again; I am filled with joy. I turn back to the little girl and say, “Guess what?” She replies, “What?” I say, with a huge smile, “We’re lucid dreaming!! Watch this!” I turn back to my right and the side of the gondola is wide open. I see a white Volkswagen Beetle nearby. I put my hand out like a jedi knight and will the car up into the air. It rises gently up to about 50 feed off the ground. I can see the pipes of the undercarriage of the car. I bring it closer to us and then lower it down gently to the ground. I turn back to the girl and she laughs. I pick her up and get out of the gondola. I carry her to a grassy area. There are people wandering around, I think this must be a park. I say to the girl, “You try.” She smiles and floats out of my hands, and about 20 feet into the air, like there is no gravity for her. Her mom shows up, but she is a different woman than before. This woman is overweight and wearing a blue sweat suit. She has brown hair, which is a mess, and looks like she just woke up. The girl floats down and into her awaiting arms. I say to the mother, “I’m teaching her to lucid dream!” The woman smiles at me and walks away. I turn around and see and strange room. It looks like a living room with only 3 walls and no ceiling (just expose to the sky). There is large fireplace (with no fire) on the back wall; there is brown leather furniture (couch and chairs) on the left and right walls. Standing in the middle of the room is an attractive woman. She is small and trim and has brown hair; in her 50’s; wearing a low cut, form fitting, deep purple dress which show off her nice figure (after I wake up I realize she is the actress Katherine Helmond from the show “Who’s the Boss”). I decide to have sex with her. I walk over to her confidently, slip my left arm around her waist, and pull her close to me. The dream fades and I wake up. (On my lucidity scale of 1 – 10; I would give this one about a 3. I knew I was dreaming and did act like I was dreaming. Yet I still interacted with the people and environment as if they were real.)
    11. 8-Aug-2017

      by , 08-13-2019 at 07:35 PM
      Date: 8/8/17 (Monday 4:35 AM – Work day)
      Dream Title: (LD #73) “Ex Living in Basement” (Brief low level Lucidity)
      Dream: I overate last night and went to bed feeling too full. In my dream I am walking around a neighborhood which is a combination of the my childhood neighborhood, my late childhood neighborhood and my adult neighborhood. It just kept changing as I walked around. I was walking with Donna (from “That 70’s Show) and another woman who I knew in my dream but not in reality. At one point Donna tells me we have to go to the house where I used to live with my ex-wife. The house has been condemned and I need to check if anything I own is still in the house. In the dream this all makes sense (but in real life it most certainly does not). We walk a very short distance to the house, which looks nothing like the house I used to live in. The garage door is open and it is full of old junk. We walk in and there is an entrance to the basement to our right. The two ladies go in first and there is a dimly lit hallway in front of us and a white closed door on my left. We stop in the hall way and Donna is looking around in discussed at the horrible condition of the house. Something doesn’t “feel” right to me but I’m not sure what. I turn to the door on my left and open it. I see a small dimly lit room. There are windows on the right side of the room up high close to the ceiling which is just support boards you would find it any unfinished basement. There are dark red curtains over the windows blocking much of the light and giving the room a red tint. There is a “L” shaped couch against the back and right wall of the room, which is coved in a white sheet. My ex-wife is standing in the room waring a long white t-shirt which goes to her knees. She is overweight and has not aged well. I walk into the room and up to her. Things still feel “off” to me and I’m trying to figure out why. She smiles at me. I turn from her, walk out of this room and into the garage. I stop and look around at all the junk. I feel confused. I know something is wrong with this situation. Then it dawns on me that I must be dreaming, but I don’t follow up with a RC or engaging my senses; so my lucidity level is very low probably a 2 on a scale of 1-10. I walk back to the room where my ex is, walk up to her, embrace her and look into her eyes. She looks into my eyes and says, “I’ve missed you.” I know I’m dreaming and am considering having sex with her. I move my head down to kiss her and she responds accordingly. However I notice that her teeth look stained yellow. I pull my head back. She opens her eyes and has a hurt expression on her face. I realize what I’m doing is wrong because my actual wife would be angry with me for doing what I’m doing; even if it is just a dream. I push my ex away from me and turn to exit the room. The dream fades and I wake up.
    12. 4-Aug-2017

      by , 08-13-2019 at 07:34 PM
      Date: 8/4/17 (Friday 5:05 AM – Work day)
      Dream Title: City Backdrop Behind the Golf Course (Brief Lucidity)
      Dream: (*Note: I woke up and looked at my phone at around 4:15 am. I rolled over repeated, “I’m dreaming” several times and dozed off.) I was having a dream where I found out that Jen was cheating on me. I was angry and broken hearted. I got to see the man and he was slim and at least 10 years older than me. For some reason I was walking with Jen and one of her female friends (who I don’t know in real life). We are walking up a hill in a suburban neighborhood in Worcester. I am distraught. I decide I am going to find that guy and kick his ass. I turn away from Jen and her friend and begin walking back down the hill. Something happens in an old parking lot, with tall grass growing out of many cracks in the asphalt and many rusty parking meters. Then I find myself walking up Upland Street, on the left side of the road right next to the golf course. I glance to my left and there is tall grass right along the edge of the road. The golf course looks normal, but on the far side I can see (through a haze) many tall reflective glass buildings like you would find in any major city. I turn back to looking up Upland Street but I realize something isn’t right. The center of Worcester (which I assumed was what I was seeing) can’t be seen from the golf course. I stop walking, turn and look at the city again. Now it no longer looks like real buildings. It looks like a backdrop (or a facade) of a city. It looks like someone cut out a huge piece of plywood in the shape of a city skyline with the building shapes painted black and the windows on the buildings painted yellow (like something you might see in a Broadway play/musical). For a moment I think that maybe the owner of the golf course put up that facade to provide more ambiance for the people golfing. But then I realize that that facade would have to actually be the size of real skyscrapers. I realize the ridiculousness of this and I am lucid without a reality check. Before I can take any action I wake up. I look at my phone and it is 5:05 am. I lay in bed for a while and then get up to get ready for work. Hopefully this is the start of my current plan working.
    13. 8-Jul-2017

      by , 08-13-2019 at 07:32 PM
      Date: 7/8/17 (Sat 6:00 AM)
      Dream Title: (Unintentional LD) Moving Stars (Brief Lucidity)
      Dream: I am in my bedroom, in bed with my wife. I can see my comforter, dresser, walls and closet doors. However the ceiling is open and I can see the sky. It is not quite night or day. I can see clouds and blue sky but also stars. I am gazing at the stars. Suddenly the stars begin to move around like fireflies and I know that would never happen in reality. I’m lucid without a RC. I roll over to my wife with the intention of having sex. I wake up.
    14. 5-Apr-2017

      by , 08-13-2019 at 07:29 PM
      Date: 4/5/17 (Wed 3:38 AM)
      Dream Title: (LD #72) Ex in a Moo Moo. (**Lucid**)
      Dream: I find myself in my ex-wife’s house (she shows up in too many of my dreams). It is a very small house. I am in the kitchen area and everything is white; the floor tiles, the counters, the cabinets, the appliances, the table and chairs. There are boxes everywhere, like she just moved in. I can see an archway that leads to a living room which is also full of boxes. It is day time as I can see light coming in through the windows. My ex-wife is in the kitchen with me. She is wearing a large dress (a moo moo dress) that is a light blue color. She is hugely obese. I am here to help her unpack. She comes up to me and wraps her arms around my sides in a hug. She is so large that I can’t get my arms around her entire body. She looks up at me and I look into her strikingly blue eyes. She says, “OK. Let’s get this over with.” I don’t know what she’s talking about, so I reply “Get what over with?” She responds, “Sex of course.” I don’t know if it was because this became a “sexual situation”, which is a dream sign for me, or because of my awareness of the ridiculousness of this situation but I am instantly lucid without a physical reality check. I let go of her and walk away to a white door in the kitchen that leads outside. I am in the front yard of her house. The grass is green. There is a cement walkway which leads to cement steps, which lead to the street. The street runs from my left to my right in front of the house and there is another street directly across from where I’m standing which leads down a long hill. It is autumn. I can see many trees all around with leaves in brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow. I am so happy to be lucid. I take in the scenery. The sky is a perfect cloudless blue (I don’t see the sun). There are many small white houses in the neighborhood, all with well-tended yards. I decide to fly (yet again). I levitate off the ground and will myself to fly forward and upward. I am having trouble with control and begin to drift off to my left into some trees. I refocus my mind and remove any doubt that I have complete control of my ability to fly. I jet upward about 300 feet and then zoom off to my left. I am flying over a perfect New England town in mid-autumn, on a beautiful day. It is amazing. I can see the roofs of many houses below me and streets going in all directions. I can see a small pond below with perfect blue water. I see a white church with a tall steeple and fly over the large metal cross at the top of the steeple. I see acres of cemetery just after the church full of old head stones and red, yellow, and orange leaf covered trees. The dream fades and I wake up. (3:38 AM)
    15. 31-Mar-2017

      by , 08-13-2019 at 07:28 PM
      Date: 3/31/17 (Friday 4:28 AM)
      Dream Title: (LD #71) Flying Car. (**Lucid**)
      Dream: (After being awake for at least 2 hours with stomach issues, I dozed off - WBTB) I find myself in my car driving on the main street of my town. It is dark outside and I know it is very late. I can clearly see the orange light from the street lights along the road. Brian (A man I currently work with) is in the passenger seat. I know that he agreed to come for a ride with me because I couldn’t get back to sleep. We are driving up a hill which leads to St. Joseph’s church (on the left). I was planning on going to see a man to whom I owe some money, but I realize it is too late at night. I glance at Brian and ask, “Where do you want to go now?” He turns to me and says, “Why don’t we go visit that woman from your dream last night?” The second he said the word dream I was lucid (this is a huge dream sign for me. Whenever I hear the word in real life, even when I’m barely paying attention, it triggers me to do a RC.) I can remember being in bed struggling to fall back to sleep a short time ago. I feel great at that moment and say, in a loud voice, “I’m Dreaming!!!” Then I say, “Hey, let’s make this car fly!” He looks at me with a puzzled expression. I say, “Just will the car to fly. I’ll show you.” I turn back to face the windshield and simply “will” the car off the ground. The front of the car lifts off the street first and then the back, so I am leaning back against the car seat. There is a very large maple tree in front of us (it must be late spring/early summer because the tree is covered in leaves). At my current angle I will go into the tree. I will the car to climb at a higher angle and the front of the car moves up until we are completely vertical. I can feel gravity pulling me against the back of my seat as I will the car to accelerate. I see no stars, just a dark overcast sky above. We are accelerating quickly and I can feel the G-Force growing. I am considering just going into space. The dream fades and I wake up (4:28 AM)
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