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      Question Question!!!! Consciously falling asleep but still aware of my body while dreaming!

      So, last night/this morning, I was going to sleep. I was present and looking at the black behind my eyelids and hearing the silence around me. While I was dreaming, I still felt like I was able to move my body and waking life at any moment. However, as the dream progressed, I no longer felt my body, but, I was fully engulfed in the dream world. What do I do in a situation like this? Please and thank you

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      When you are dreaming, it is possible to feel your waking life body but it's not possible to move it unless you have rem behavior disorder. So, in a situation like this, it's best to remain fully engulfed in the dream world as you were. There's no need to worry about you're waking life body unless there's an emergency. Thinking about your waking life body while you're dreaming will only encourage an awakening.

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      Hey there,

      I think you handled it just fine. There's a thin borderline between sleeping and dreaming where you can be aware of both dream sensations and waking sensations at the time. Chosing where to focus your attention usually causes a shift (to either dreaming and sleeper, or to waking up). I think it's actually possible to be dreaming and still moving your body (there's been plenty of studies on non-rem dreaming and dreaming while awake during periods of sleep deprivation to support this), though it's usually pretty rare.


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