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    Thread: I think I began dreaming immediately after going to bed for the night?

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      Question I think I began dreaming immediately after going to bed for the night?

      I know every lucid technique says not to try it when first going to bed, which I have always agreed with. Most people/studies say you can't possibly have a dream until ~4+ hours after going to sleep. Anyway, last night I went to bed around 10:45pm (earlier than usual for me) after doing some SSILD just to practice it. Around 12:30am I woke up because my roommates were being somewhat loud with their friends, and I remembered several fragments of a dream I had just had. So basically I had a dream less than 2 hours after going to bed. The dream was about a phone app designed to make you become lucid, where you'd enter your info and it would spit out a dream guide for you! I keep dreaming about this same dream guide for the rest of the night and definitely became lucid at one point but my recall for the entire night was very bad. But anyway my question is: was this just a fluke? I had taken B6 last night for the first time right before bed. Could I be one of those people who starts REM prematurely in the night, or do we indeed dream right after going to bed just not very vividly? I'd love to hear y'alls thoughts on this
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      Well, it sounds to me as if it was a fluke just because its highly unlikely that you would be able to have such a complicated dream without being in REM sleep, but this does relate to a new technique I came up with a few hours ago.
      Its called ODILD
      Oxygen Deprivation Induced Lucid Dream
      So this is how it relates- I wanted a technique that gives a high chance of lucid dreaming without waking up in the middle on the night because thats all a little hit and miss. The idea was to push out all the air from your lungs and not breathe at all until you get knocked out. And then a little bit like WILD your mind stays awake whilst your body falls asleep and you enter a lucid dream. Yes I know there's a load of problems with this technique such as risk of lack of oxygen to the brain resulting in mental illness, but your post made me realise if you could remove the risk of mental illness then this could be possible due to your experiences with dreaming before REM. Sorry for the long post . Thanks!

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      Having a dream that early was not a fluke. It happens every night.

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      Hey there,

      It's quite possible to have dreams at the onset of sleep. The myth that dreams occur during REM sleep has long been disproven. Non-REM dreams are considered part of modern science, but the quality of non-rem dreams tend to be considerably less. They tend to be more vague, less vivid, less intense. Which is why it's not advisable (but at the same time not impossible) to try for lucidity during this kind of sleep. I've experienced WILDs at the onset of sleep myself, and have heard others report the same, but I've never heard of anyone that is able to do so on a regular, predictable basis.

      A few links on the matter:





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