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      Hey! Well, I'm new here. I have always had sleep paralysis, and it had become an issue for me, I had it everyday, it was stressing. After some research I found out I could actually turn my sleep paralysis into lucid dreams. I had managed to have a lucid dream once, but never knew it was one, I just knew it felt immensely real and I tried to jump off the window (I don't even know why, I just wanted to know if it'd hurt--) and then I realized what it was. It took me some time to have another one, but today I finally did it. I had two. First one was pretty good, again, everything felt super real, I could control everything, I could fly, I had superpowers, it was pretty fun, but somehow I could feel my physical body's sensations. I noticed my heartbeat was way too fast and I tried to calm myself down because I didn't want to wake up from the dream, and then I felt the urge, in the dream, to pee. Like my actual body had to go to the toilet, so I woke up and indeed I had to. I went back to bed and tried to have another lucid dream. Now, my celebrity crush is Gong Yoo, and I thought "hey I could just go and meet him in my lucid dream!" and so I tried. However, as soon as I got into the dream, it was really difficult for me to teleport to Korea. I kept imagining a crowded square but before finally getting there I travelled to Paris and then somewhere in China. When I got to my desired destination, I endeavoured to imagine him really hard, but random dudes kept appearing. Dudes dressed up as him, it was really weird. In the end I just gave up and woke up.

      Now, what I'm curious about is - is it normal to feel your actual's body's sensations? Like your heartbeat or the urge to pee? And secondly, can anyone please give any tips on encountering/imagining/summoning (however you wanna call it) a certain person since I couldn't? Thank you in advance!

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      Now, what I'm curious about is - is it normal to feel your actual's body's sensations? Like your heartbeat or the urge to pee?
      Actually yes, when you are fully immersed in the dream, the only thing you should feel from real/waking life is your heartbeat, breathing. If you do have a really big urge to pee, I'd imagine it would translate to the dream aswell.

      And secondly, can anyone please give any tips on encountering/imagining/summoning a certain person since I couldn't?
      To summon a certain person, what you can do is be sure that the person you want to summon will be behind you, or next room, or outside for example, and then go there, the person should be there.

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      What Ashkore said about summoning it can easily apply to anything you wish to create. It is easier to imagine that something/someone is out of your line of sight. This is actually very useful when you want to move to somewhere else, just "know" that it is behind that door, that gate, that portal, that whatever it is that is hiding it

      As for body sensations, that is pretty normal, I actually created a topic about the feeling of being aware to both your sleeping and your dream body. It happens to me all the time and I'm still trying to figure out how it all works.
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