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    Thread: Need tips to help me avoid losing lucidity please HELP

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      Need tips to help me avoid losing lucidity please HELP

      Hello I been having problems with lucidity lately in my lucid dreams. I use the wild technique combined with the mild technique to become lucid. When I wake up from a dream I stay completely still and use my mantra "The next scene will be a dream" to have a wild lucid dream. When I use my mantra I feel the sensation of getting pushed out of my bed by an invisible force. I fall out the bed and hit the floor. When I am pushed out of my bed I realize im dreaming and stablize the dream. I became lucid in the morning and quickly started feeling everything in my surroundings to stablize the dream. I was in complete darkness for a little while until my vision cleared. I continued to feel my surroundings and walked out of my room touching the walls. I walk downstairs while touching the wall at the same time. I made it downstairs and saw my annoying step daddy sitting on a couch. He was watching TV and noticed I came downstairs in my underwear. He threatened to spank me with a belt for not putting on any clothes and jumped off the couch. I was distracted and lost lucidity. I slipped back into a normal dream and my step daddy tried to go in the garage to grab his belt. Thats when I grabbed a chair and stopped him. I hit him with the chair and knocked him out cold lol. I walked out of the kitchen and he respawned sitting on the couch watching TV. He was in a good mood and started a conversation with me. I joined him and we watch TV together. End of the story. When I become lucid I run into my step daddy. Thats when I lose my lucidity and forget that I am dreaming. Is there anyway I can prevent myself from losing lucidity and slipping back into a normal dream?
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      Hi CoryRage619! Well, lucid or non-lucid, I'm glad you got justice on that abusive dream figure! High five!

      Well, do you encounter this each time you dream? If so that might be a good chance to mentally prepare what you will do. And maybe set an intention that next time you're lucid, you'll be prepared, in case this dream figure appears. Such as by creating a plan of action. Maybe you could get ready to freeze him.

      Abusive people tend to have a history of being abused themselves. Even though they seem cruel and heartless, they weren't born that way. They had to have had some mean parents, or mean siblings, or some other source of meanness being done to them. So with that being said. If you can stay lucid when you see him. And if you felt safe doing so. You could actually attempt to help him recover the part of him who isn't abusive. I believe there is always a light in everyone, but it can be buried beneath layers of defense mechanisms.

      On the other hand if you wanted to you could use some kind of giant energy blast and disintegrate him. Or teleport away to where you want to go. But I guess having a plan of what to do if this should arise in a dream could help.

      I for one miss my most emotionally charged dream signs 99% of the time. I will wake up and be like, ah, well, maybe next time. I actually have an abusive relative that appears in my dreams. But I don't become lucid. I've thought about it and I'm not sure what I'd do if I did. Run away? Turn him into a harmless statue? Try to make peace? So I guess it will happen when I'm ready. But in your situation you handled it well even without being lucid. I've noticed that in my dreams too. My non-lucid dreaming self handles things better now in dreams, without even becoming lucid.

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