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    Thread: does anyone remember past dreams, whilst dreaming?

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      Question does anyone remember past dreams, whilst dreaming?

      I meant to post this in general dream discussion, sorry. I've moved it there and don't know how to delete this one.

      The other night i had a (non lucid) dream which felt significant, in which i entered a house with my friend only to immediately state that we had to leave because i had dreamt of this place before, and knew something bad had happened here and would happen again.

      I don't remember ever having dreamt of the place before that moment (although my dream recall has not been so great recently) but my dream self seemed adamant about it.

      I also frequently dream of running into places or people from past dreams which i do remember having, but my dream self doesn't remember them as dreams. For instance, i dreamt my friend Bella and I were invited to a party at a house which you had to go through a tunnel to get to. And then a few weeks later, i had another completely different dream in which i drove past the tunnel with Bella and said "hey look, it's that place where that party happened."

      I should have become lucid in that moment because i had previously journalled the party dream, and i should have recognised i was in the dream world when i came across it's setting again. Yet my dream self just seemed to consider it as an event from my past.

      Does anyone have similar experiences?
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      I will close this thread. The post can be found here https://www.dreamviews.com/general-d...-dreaming.html

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