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      What happen if you take psychedelics in a dream?

      Have you taken psychedelics in a dream ?
      What was the experience like ?
      Have you taken psychedelics before "in real life" ?
      I'm interested in consciousness in general, I don't have enough lucidity skills to do it myself, and I'm psychedelic virgin.
      I would like to know what it's like, since I know it's a powerful tool.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Gusto View Post
      Have you taken psychedelics in a dream?
      No, but i had experience that could be seen as psychedelic experiences in dream.

      Quote Originally Posted by Gusto View Post
      What was the experience like ?
      It's hard to describe. One person's experience will be different from another's

      Quote Originally Posted by Gusto View Post
      Have you taken psychedelics before "in real life"?
      No, and never plan to. I don't even drink. I like to keep my brain intact. XD

      Anyway, I would imagine taking psychedelics in dream will mimic waking life experience of it or your assumption of what it will be like. I had drank wine in dream before and had felt tipsy. ^^'

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      1: Yes.
      2: The one time I did it was dream DMT... if I remember correctly... I got high, but it wasn't psychedelic. It wasn't an ideal setting, so I was going to put experiment further, but it kind of got away from me... and I forgot about it untill now.
      3: Yes.

      If you want to know what psychedelics are like, there's really only one way to find out. Your brain will probably be just fine (disclaimer... I might be brain damaged and unaware of it) No seriously. Humans have been chomping on mushrooms since we came down from the trees. It's not a bad drug.
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