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    Thread: Hypnagogia like a Dream

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      Hypnagogia like a Dream

      So, i've been trying to to get my first LD mostly with Fild and Mild technique, even tho the Fild never worked,it looks like Mild is making me lucid in hypnagogia state.I expirenced 4 Hypnagogias so far everytime i wake up from them.How do i know it isn't a dream ? after i notice it is something wrong with the things i see i fell the SP is going to start. Because of that i can't relax myself and i wake up.The hypnagogia look just like a dream,it is like short story dream.

      So my question is, how do i let my Mild wake me up in acutall dream and not so early ? or how do i go through the hypnagogia calm and relaxed ?


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      Welcome to the forum Sined9! Since it seems nobody's around, let me give you a quick thought:

      There's really not much you can do about when your prospective memory triggers (aka, MILD), aside from focusing on dream signs that you are sure will only turn up during an "actual" dream, or skipping FILD altogether, so why not be happy that your MILD's are happening at all, and work then with that?

      In other words, "waking up" during the transition from sleep to dreams -- when Hypnagogic imagery (HI) occurs -- basically means that you have MILD'ed yourself into a potential WILD, which says to me that your FILD may have sort of worked, though it needed a MILD kicker (FILD is a WILD technique, BTW). Yes, those late moments of a WILD transition do include what I call noise, noise that might distract you and wake you up, but only if you allow it to! If you are able to remain calm and focused on your upcoming dream, and are able to ignore the noise -- especially SP*, the most over-hyped bit of noise there is -- you may discover that you have found yourself a workable if roundabout path to lucidity.

      Though I think what I just wrote is the correct answer here, let's set that thought aside for a second and look at this a different way: Your FILD/MILD worked, and the HI isn't just like the dream, but is the dream. HI occurs during the final moments of falling asleep, and have many of the components of a dream already in place. Instead of assuming that you did something wrong or that something scary like SP is looming on the horizon, why not assume instead that you have actually begun your dreaming? Work with the HI to form a dream; it can be done, and it can be fun as well. If you're not interested in that, then why not just enjoy the HI, while feeling fully confident that the dream is going to form soon, or perhaps just see the HI as a welcome roadmark to your coming dream? Three of the handiest tools of successful lucidity are patience, imagination, and confidence; you might try employing them to work with what you were given rather than allowing yourself to be distracted and woken up by expectations about things (like SP) that are more real and devious on these forums than they ever will be in reality.

      * For what it's worth, actual sleep paralysis tends to only occur upon waking up, and not when you are falling asleep. What you are likely feeling then is either REM Atonia, which is a totally normal process that happens every night when your body shuts down motor control to keep it from acting out your dream body's movements during a dream, or else you are just experiencing deep relaxation. Neither of these are things you should fear or even be exited about -- they are natural functions that you actually should welcome because they are signs that your LD is just around the corner.
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      Wow, thanks for that abundant answer, it made many things clear to me.

      Gonna do my best
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