Hey guys, what are your thoughts on this?
I've recently started trying something new with my step daughter because she can find it hard to go sleep when her mum is at work. I've been telling her to close her eyes and try visualising something for her to dream about - something that appeals to her like riding a unicorn etc. For the most part it has been working quite well, but I had a thought the other day and before she went to sleep I told her a "story" of sorts about what lucid dreaming is and some of my adventures while lucid dreaming. She's only 5 so I'm not sure how much of it she understood but I tried to explain it to her simply and in her kind of language.

My question to you guys is this: have you ever tried teaching your children how to lucid dream, and if so, has it worked? I think that something as amazing as lucid dreaming should be shared and taught to those willing to learn, and from my understanding it's easier to do so when you're younger.