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    Thread: My one month experiment

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      My one month experiment

      So I need to write down my dreams. This will improve dream recall. I need to do reality checks. Looking at my hand, plugging my nose and trying to breathe through it. Trying to put my hand through objects. (Need more reality checks) I need to think about what I did throughout the day, to improve recall.. Writing about it can be good too. I need to recognize dream signs, or dream people, causing me to become lucid.

      What else is there?

      I plan on doing this for the next month and see if I get any results.

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      I have a few suggestions:

      • Live mindfully as much as possible.
      • Meditate daily, consistently.
      • Visualize the desired dream scenes, immerse yourself in it.
      • Eat healthily, include food high in Vitamin b6. Helps with better dream recall.
      • Workout, especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle.
      • Write your dream journal consistently even if you don't remember anything. Write down whatever comes to mind, it may be related to your dreams.
      • Try exercising your memory by recalling past memories.
      • If you can afford the time, try to keep a daily diary. It'll help improve your memory. If not possible, at least review your day before sleep. Less your brain has to consolidate the day's memories. The more exciting, organized, and rich your dream life will be. Also, this way it won't hinder your natural memory consolidation process too much. Helping to keep your brain healthy.

      I guess that's the main stuff, I don't want to write up a book in a post. ^^
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      A good RC is to pinch your nose and try and breath through it. If you can still breath through your nose, you are dreaming. This has been called a fail-proof RC. The beauty of this RC is that like your eye muscles, you have control over your diaphragm while you're dreaming too. So if you're dreaming and take a breath with a pinched nose, you will feel the breath going in and out through your nose still. It has worked well for me!
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