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    Thread: Was I in a hypogogic state?

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      Was I in a hypogogic state?

      Hi anyone who sees this Iím quite new to lucid dreaming, first of all Iíve been practicing the WBTB method for over 2-3 weeks with no success until now. What Iíve been doing for those week is waking up 6 hours after I fall asleep, then lie down straight with my eyes closed trying to remain awake however I always fall asleep. Until last night, I learnt a new method where you read for around 2 mins and put some water on your face and it drastically helps you stay awake. So I did that and after 5 mins I felt a weird stretch/weight on my belly, but I could still move my body so I wasnít in sleep paralysis. After 15/18 mins something weird happened, my body started vibrating or just tingling all over. Then after looking at the blackness of my eyelids I started to see little dots probably around 90 i could see. Then there were multi coloured diamonds moving around the dots, I was quite certain I was in a hypogogic state. So after 30 secs of that I tried to move but I could easily move and I did a reality check and I wasnít in a dream. So I must know was I doing everything right, and should Iíve waited longer in that state, and was I about to enter sleep paralysis

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      I would say that it is. Everyone's hypnogogic state is different. You seem to be on the right track. Let me refer you to this: https://www.dreamviews.com/wild/1330...-bad-here.html

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      Yes, you were in a hypnagogic state. Also, that vibrating/tingling sensation you felt is a sign of what people often refer to as "sleep paralysis" (It's actually REM atonia.)

      When in this state, try doing a motionless reality check to see if you're dreaming (It's possible to dream about hypnagogia/rem atonia). If you're not, then wait longer in this state.

      Motionless reality checks include moving your body with your mind rather than your muscles, forming a dream scene, or manipulating the dream in some other way with your mind.
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      Quote Originally Posted by ErichWolfricl View Post
      Then after looking at the blackness of my eyelids I started to see little dots probably around 90 i could see.
      probably just Blue Scout and friends sent to welcome you.
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      First of all, and to be clear, anything I offer as a possibility will always be based on my experience alone.
      I can only speak for myself and can only claim knowledge of my own experience.

      Based on my experience the tingling "might be" the beginning of your body falling asleep faster than your conscious mind.
      It seems to me when they're in sync I just fall asleep with no tingle.
      The visuals, in my experience, are fairly common, and I just attribute them to 3rd eye activity.

      Waiting longer is a good thing, in my opinion. I see no reason not to.

      You 'might' have been on the verge of an OOBE.
      That's how the tingle works for me, but then again the only way you'll know is to continue to experiment and see how things progress.

      Hypnosis, to me, implies surrender of control so I'd not call it "a hypnotic state."
      It sounds to me like you were in control of the process.
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      It certainly sounds as if you got yourself into that wonderful place between the waking dream and the sleeping one. That is one of my favorite places to hang out and it has taken me through some interesting transitions even though I have yet to experience a true WILD from it.

      I find myself practicing getting into hypnagogia quickly during brief meditation periods throughout my day and it is a great place to get to if you have time for a good daytime nap. Use the hypnagogic experience to its fullest while you are on the path toward lucidity as there is as much to gain from the process as there is from the goal.

      As I think back now, some of my best dream induced lucid events at this early stage of my development have come from letting myself fall asleep with the intent to be lucid after a prolonged period of hypnagogia.
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