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      Dog presented himself

      About 16 days ago to be exact my dog of 10 years passed away. Yesterday someone read my palm and told me that they sacrificed themselves. They absorbed all the bad and that if he didnt do that something really bad would have happened in my family. We believe that he absorbed the bad energy from my friend is like a sister to me from her fetus. He would always lay on her stomcah and he was born 10 days after his passing. He is 4 lbs but everything is perfectly fine. My pet became extremely sick out of nowhere and got high blood pressure which my friend had. So we believe is true. I qas told to wait to have a dream of a dog representing himself to me a different one since i told them i had dreams where my previous dog visits me and i have felt the texture of his tounge when he kissed me and i felt his hair when i pet him in the dream. In this dream a dog came sat before me but i couldn't see his face the background was blurry and i just saw his gray hair and ears and is like a dog i am interested in getting. So im confused. I was told that i should wait for my sog to show me another one and thats when i should get a new dog. I feel guilty getting a new dog especially now because of what he did for the baby. But im a dog lover and i feel like i must have that companionship.

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      Hey Stardom101, I am sorry to hear of your companion's passing. I know that can be a very difficult time as pets can be like family members. I think when you are ready to have another one you should not feel guilty for it. Having a new dog will not take away anything from your relationship and memories from the last. Maybe just try and appreciate them both for what they are

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