it's been awhile since I've posted. I used to be an active lucid dreamer, but I retired from work and began writing fantasy novels. I think that may have affected my LD's. But I also no longer practice induction techniques. But last night I did have two lucid dreams and two other non-lucids. It was a good night.

It's funny how real they can seem, and your fears sometimes can override logic. I was wanting to drive this car down a steep cliff, but I was afraid to. I was actually in a room unpacking...the wall was missing and the cliff was right there. I'm somewhat afraid of heights in RL. Anyway, I was sure I was dreaming, but to be sure I decided to see if I could levitate one of my socks. Funny thing is, I'd not been able to do much "magic" like that. I can fly no problem, but materializing things or levitating, or transforming doesn't seem to work for me. But last night I levitate a sock. Hey, its not much but it was cool for me. I've fought dragons, wizards, flown awesome places, fought the Hulk, and had over 500 LDs. But for me levitating a sock was an accomplishment!