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    Spellbee Summer Comp - Day 15 - Responsibility

    by Occipitalred on 09-16-2017 at 03:28 PM
    Day 13 dream - I flirt with a girl and she flirts back. Eventually, she is asking me serious questions, for example, do I cook? I say no and feel shame. I ask if its a deal breaker. She says no as long as I am responsible.

    Day 14 dream - I need to write my own reference letter because my language is different. I write about my weaknesses and strengths.

    Day 15

    Dream 1.
    We are located in a house. I am with youth. A man comes to talk to me. There is a dispute between the youth and the group residing in the neighbor house which is accessible through an unlocked door in our house's wall. The man is telling me I will be made accountable for the conflict unless I have an excuse for being in this house. I see the stone of the basement wall, and other stones all around us. I look at the man and excitedly tell him I want to become a sculptor. There's lots of material to do that here. That will be my excuse; I come here to sculpt. And now, there are already beautiful stone sculptures around the room.

    Dream 2.
    I am aware that I am asleep. I am disappointed there is no dream though. Everything is white though it doesn't feel bright. It's white but as if it were actually black. I decide to create a dream, but there are no visuals at all to inspire me so I just create gravity and throw myself at it. I fall rapidly in emptiness, feeling the pull and the speed. As I fall, I reach out with my legs and arms and where I touch and beyond a dream forms, at first, just outlines. Then there was a short dream where I was not lucid but I forgot it before I wrote this down... But then I just remembered after posting. I ended up walking on my hands above a train track and above my father. He was out of character and violent. I didn't understand but didn't avoid him.

    Dream 3.
    I am at work, working, though I have to wait for now so I am doing something else, studying. My boss catches me and tells me I can't study on the job, so I am supervised in my next project by her and a few people. I work with them assembling the complicated nonsensical setup I am assigned with. At one part, I need to remove a connecting band made of pita bread. I cover it with cheese spread and eat it though I don't like it. We are then hiring new people to take care of the kitchen and sleeping facility.

    Updated 09-16-2017 at 03:34 PM by Occipitalred


    Spellbee Summer Comp - Day 4 - Them

    by Occipitalred on 09-05-2017 at 06:54 PM
    Dream 1.
    Car and sandwich

    Dream 2.
    Nintendo 64 game cartridge

    Dream 3.
    Confrontation in an ice crevice. I freeze everything while making the whole area collapse. I make it out on top, on ice, with just another girl beside me. She is one of them. I decide to go back and save them. So I use a pair of scissors to break the ice. This dislodges an airplane that we are right above and we slide down it in the crevice as it falls from the ice roof.

    I am now walking in a wooden home below ground, following my mother and brother. They are part of them. They will have to make a decision if I can belong. I look at the many ancient handmade wood work.

    Spellbee Summer Comp - Day 3 - Rebels and Colonists

    by Occipitalred on 09-04-2017 at 05:25 PM
    Dream 1.
    Shopping along with some acquaintances. Looking at full body hoodies and being silly.

    Dream 2.
    I am in the African jungle with rebels, spending time with a few native kids, especially one boy. Though he was born from the rebels, he doesn't feel he belongs with them and has further isolated himself. He shows me his secret tree house and shows me his baby brother. They have no mother. I hold the baby and decide I must find baby formula for him so he can survive. I leave on my quest and enter a building. I sneak my way past the workers and find a kitchen. I ask a woman for baby formula. There is none but she tells me babies can also eat brown sugar and grains so she hands that to me from a trailer truck. We are outside in the jungle. My father and brother are with me. On the muddy street, I see white religious fanatics riding motorcycles towards the rebel camp with tall thin metal crosses above them. I run behind them, but off the road and in the jungle so they won't see me, my father and brother behind me. We are on the muddy road again. Two kids are with my father and brother. I tell them to hide; we are white and they are black; we can offer them no protection when the religious colonists see them. They go away. All the kids are hiding. Some have stolen access cards to hide in a government facility. I am looking for the boy and baby from before but I also end up in the government facility. A woman on my side makes a comment and suddenly the bad guys know I am an antagonist so they shoot at us from higher levels accessible by escalators. I take cover close to the wall. The bad guys boss comes down with his pistol closer to me and I rise up to meet him climbing the wall to a platform. He goes to shoot me but I fight back and point the gun at his head. I shoot him multiple time but it just makes him weak. A higher up authority arrives. We are surrounded. I move around trying to do something but eventually decide to just stand by and wait to see what happens next. The authority talks to some people and the dream ends.

    Spellbee Summer Comp - Day 2 - Death and Birth

    by Occipitalred on 09-03-2017 at 08:17 PM
    Dream 1.
    I am working at my station surrounded by coworkers. My brother is by the open door through which I can see a busy street. My younger brother is depressed from the rest of our family's death. I feel great chagrin from their death and the horrible situation my brother finds himself. I cry while working, the tears flowing abundantly. My boss and coworker look at me worried and tell me to take the day off. I reply "My family is dead, I cry every day, but work must go on. I'm fine."

    Dream 2.
    I am in an ancient basement with stone arcs. Water has flooded it. To progress, I need to enter a room to the side and solve puzzles. I become more alert at this point, though not lucid. I evaluate the objects in the room. In a box, I find big complex pieces of metal. I need to open them up to find specific metal objects that will be used as keys. I hear mice. I see a very young one (5 days old). I am surprised to find one that young. As I open up the box's contents, I open up a box and find the mouse nest, with some adults and some young mice. A baby mouse, pink and accurate size rips its way out of the mother's throat. I forget how I deal with this, but I do continue exploring the room and use a big flashlight suspend from the roof to look at the contents of the shelves. I take note that none of the objects have a use to me.

    Dream 3.
    I am going down a hill at fast speed, remembering the risks of speed. I am then skiing with my brother through a downtown, just pleasantly talking.

    Updated 03-06-2020 at 04:54 AM by Occipitalred


    Spellbee Summer Comp - Day 1 - Murderer's Mercy

    by Occipitalred on 09-02-2017 at 03:45 PM
    First Sleep

    Dream 1.
    A murderer is in the house and the occupants are hiding, some have already been killed. The murderer catches me in the living room. I plea for mercy and negotiate another chance at hiding. He lets me go. I run once around the floor and see him again, eating cheerios from a toilet in the kitchen. I am scared if he sees me, he will target me, but I can't resist calling him out for being so weird "What the heck are you doing?!" I shout at him, before opening the door to the basement and running down the stairs. I am surprised to see that there is a whole underground city below the house and the stairs are lighted by torches so my roommates can see when the murderer will come down this way. I find all the others eating around a large table near the staircase having a five course meal. I sit among them; the threat is gone.

    Dream 2.
    Hair cut, with my family around, talking.

    Dream 3.
    With coworkers in a park on Saturday playing games and chilling in different locations. Our boss tells us "if this wasn't the weekend, I would be going crazy watching you all wasting your time!"

    Wake up for the bathroom. Go back to sleep with intention of lucid dreaming.

    Dream 4.
    I fell asleep faster than expected. I believe I am mentally revisiting an old dream (which parallels my first dream) except, I'm really dreaming. In the dream, myself and other nomads are being targeted by a monkey murderer in the wild near a river (Somehow, in the dream, it feels as though monkeys are the dominating race at the moment). I get caught but I plea for mercy and ask to be given another chance. It is granted. I run along the path but until now, the dream was very low visual quality and was more mental. As I run on the path, it becomes quite vivid for a short bit. I mistakenly believe that I am WILDing; I thought I was thinking before, not dreaming. I keep running on the path to stabilize the dream, focusing on the visual and the feeling of the path on my feet. The dream stabilizes, the path merges into the sidewalk of a small town. There is a small fallen tree in the way. I hear my mom calling me to wake up from what I think is the real world but I focus on the dream instead of waking life (but really, I'm really just focusing on this dream versus a false awakening). I jump over a branch and crouch below another, touching and feeling the ground. There are people on the sidewalk. I touch them as I pass them and say things like "hello there!" and I am aware my very real voice is only booming in the dream but not real life. I walk into a house were people are having dinner. Someone is tied up as a chandelier. I meet a few people but I am now looking from outside my dream body. I am transiently aware that I am outside my dream body, and I am starting to be very passive in the dream, losing awareness. I am reunited with my royal family as I somehow rescued my brother the king from the group in the house. Other people give him gifts for his return. I hold him at the temples and tell him that the challenge is not to accept the gifts but to embrace becoming happy. My wisdom is physically transported from my hand to his head via bright artifices.