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    Thread: Cannot taste food in lucids (and other lucid issues of mine)

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      Cannot taste food in lucids (and other lucid issues of mine)

      So this is a general thread for my lucid problems

      So I have this problem, My sense of taste doesnt seem to work in lucids mostly
      Texture works, and ill get like the very like 'edge' of taste but not much more than that, the only thing I can really recall having flavor was this white jellybean i ate a while back

      Any advice?

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      Sometimes I'm extraordinarily sensitive to what I feel, smell or taste in a dream, most of the time regardless if it is lucid or not, I don't always taste anything or the food would just like cardboard. Everyone is different.

      I'm guessing that because dream imagery tends to be centered around sight and sound, the bits of your perception that process taste (and smell) tend to be unavailable. So when you grab that biscuit, it's very likely to taste like nothing, or whatever the inside of your sleeping body's mouth currently tastes like.

      Now, this isn't to say that you can't taste things in dreams, because you can. You just have to give your dreaming mind a chance to spool up the machinery that perceives flavors. If you set an intention to, say, enjoy a tasty biscuit before you go to sleep, you just might discover one that does taste pretty good, as you expected. If you spontaneously decide during the LD to grab a biscuit, try holding it in your hand for a moment before biting, and think about how it will taste, giving your dreaming mind a chance to catch up to your desire.

      On a side note, I don't think there is much difference in how things taste in an LD (or appear, or sound, or feel, for that matter), as opposed to an NLD. It just feels different because when you are lucid you are noticing the details of your dream, admiring their precision and occasionally "more real than real" presence; when not lucid you just accept everything you sense as perfectly normal, so the admiration must come upon waking after the filter of memory has had a chance to diminish the imagery.

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