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    Thread: Insta-wake up as soon as I think about my goals

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      Insta-wake up as soon as I think about my goals

      I've been lucid dreaming on and off (mostly off) for the past 10 years, and got back into it at the start of last month. Been having 3 lucid dreams since then, but in 2 of them I run into an annoying problem that I'm hoping to "diagnose" a little in this thread.

      My routine after entering a lucid dream is taking a few breaths trying to relax myself, then trying to move around a little interacting with the world, reminding myself that I'm lucid, and after about 10 seconds of that, I recall my goals and get to the actual fun part. But around that time, it's like snap and I'm awake in my bed. It's not like things start getting hazy and I gradually wake up, it's literally in 0.1 seconds. The first LD I had last month it happened just after I said out loud that I wanted to summon my dream guide, and in the one the other day it happened as I was thinking about what I wanted to do. One thing I've noticed is that me waking up is always accompanied by me immediately opening my eyes, and I'm wondering if maybe I'm prompting that somehow when I'm in the dream. I do this thing sometimes when I think where I quickly glance my eyes up (which I might have done when I was recalling my goals); could this cause me to open my real eyes and wake myself up?

      Any other tips in general to stop this from happening?
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      I think this is an expectation problem . The dream collapsed because other reasons at first when you were trying to recall your Dream goals , then your mind associated recalling Dream goals with the dream collapsing which was manifested in the other two LDs

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