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    Orion's Dream Journal

    1. Summer Competition - Night 8 - Chill Lucid + DEILD

      by , 06-09-2023 at 06:32 PM (Orion's Dream Journal)
      I did a Wbtb at 4Am . Woke up , did an assignment for an hour . Then slept paying attention to the ringing in my ears and intent to get lucid . I was having some dream I g
      Forgot about and then got lucid in my hostel room . It was dark as usual with faint yellow light . I exited the room and went outdoors . I did not have a goal with this LD as I want to experiment with some stuff to increase dream length . So I decide to take it chill , not rush with stuff and enjoy the scenery .

      Now I go outside and see a hostel friend near what looked like a swimming pool . I greet him and see many other friends nearby . The foliage looked great . Cool Breeze was blowing from the west . I took a moment to take in the view . Then I saw some dirty water and my friend was inserting a twig in it to clean it somehow , I offered him help but he denied . The water looked disgusting frankly . Ugly yellow .

      Then I walked a bit more and ended up in a supermarket . It was well lit , covered with blues and whites . Lots of stuff and some people with shopping carts running around . It was mostly Uneventful

      Then the dream starts fading as I wait . Then I feel just stuck in the darkness . I immediately try to re-enter it and was successful. First Deild in months . I was back in the supermarket and this time an NSFW scene ensues that I won't be elaborating here .
    2. Summer Competition - Night 7 - Wild

      by , 06-09-2023 at 12:24 AM (Orion's Dream Journal)
      I slept at 1Am and woke up to do a Wbtb at 3Am and slept back , then woke up at 5Am to do another wbtb . This time I did my usual technique of focusing on intent to get lucid and the ringing in my ears to get lucid . After doing this for a while I started to visualise some stuff about college . As my intent was still "running" in my head , I always had the idea of "I want to get lucid in this scenario while daydreaming . The visualisation then suddenly started going its own way and getting "deeper" . Then I felt a jolt and it became super clear .

      I was with my friend at a place similar to my college basement . Yellow walls and no windows,, low illumination . I was in some sort of toy car for kids with a friend and it was spinning . The friend was wearing a very wierd triangular mask . Looked kind of like a astronaut's helmet just triangle in shape and his chin was melting off for some reason . It was Falling off drop by drop . I was lucid throughout this scene . I stabilized the dream but woke up without being able to do anything .

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    3. Summer Competition 2023 - Night 3 - 1 non lucid

      by , 06-04-2023 at 06:26 AM (Orion's Dream Journal)
      I was with my college friends . One of them was driving a motorbike , it was green and shiny. Kind of lime . Very "Transparent" , parts were made out of hard plastic . It looked a bit childish. I was on a road and talking about the price of the bike . The friend says it's about 1 lakh 25000 rupees ( about 1500$ ) I was shocked and thought it was overpriced . Then I asked him about its speed . He said that it can fly when driven at 2-3 BPM .... Whatever that means . Something about the prospect of mechanism of speeding so hard that your vehicle literally starts flying made me uncomfortable and I decided that I am never sitting in that thing .

      We went to eat Samosas from a local store . I ended up in front of my house in M.P. with a lot of my uni friends holding cricket bats . I was surprised they were thinking of playing cricket in 40 degrees of heat . They also looked like childish versions of themselves . Then I started wondering about why would my friends from Uni , which is in a completely different state be here . I don't remember clearly what happened next but I certainly didn't get lucid . We played for a while . The ball was huge , too big for a cricket ball . The ground kept changing , from barren to lush and from lush to wierd sandy thing . Then I woke up from my alarm .
    4. Summer competition 2023 - Night 1 - Lucid - short and Uneventful

      by , 06-02-2023 at 10:58 AM (Orion's Dream Journal)
      I went to sleep at 1 Am and woke up to do Wbtb at 6 Am , I originally meant to do a 10 minute wbtb followed by MILD but then spent a lot of time completing a uni assignment because I had to submit it today ( 2 June ) . I slept back at 6:50 and did my old technique of focusing on a mix of point of focuses like ringing in my ears , counting, breath , body image with an intent to get lucid and then fell asleep

      I remember being in a hostel room . It was night time and there was a dj playing outside . I remember the room number being 102 . It was plain and clean with furnished yellow walls and lights . There were 3 people standing at the window wearing fancy clothes . Like they were dressed for an Indian wedding, the boy was in a navy Blue Kurta while the tall girl was in a sparkling blue suit . There was also a short chubby girl there . They were filming someone from the window dancing in the dj below . I went to take a look and saw a girl in dark sparkling dress dancing below through the camera of the guy's phone . I thought she is my classmate but then forgot about that idea all together . The last thing I remember before getting lucid was that I was thinking about sages and priests and something and then I just snapped and just "decided to be lucid" or something. The people disappeared and I was all alone in that alone , with the knowledge that it's all a dream .

      The dream was blurry and I was feeling like waking up . I grounded myself a bit by taking it slow . Walked up to a shirt hanging from a wall and bit down on its collar in an attempt to engage my senses . It worked and I remember reading the words "Bensley" on the collar . The dream was still a bit blurry but at that point I was getting a bit worried about premature awakenings and proceeded to jump out of the window . It did not hurt at all when I landed but I felt a somewhat light jerk on my feet . It was rainy and cold , at dark , with the area and buildings only illuminated by blue light . I wanted to try out my personal goal of trying to find that one girl I met in a non lucid 7-8 months ago but the dream shortly ended . It lasted about 1-2 minutes as a lucid.
    5. Broke the dry spell

      by , 02-05-2022 at 04:52 AM (Orion's Dream Journal)
      I was in my old school with my old friends that I am no longer in with any touch with because of the lockdowns. We were attending a class , It wasn't a wonky dream and everything appeared realistic . The teacher ordered all of us to move to the top floor in a single file. Me and one of the freinds walked out first and were nervous when no one followed us. They followed later , of course when the teacher urged them to and they were struggling to form a single file . they bumped into each and sent each other back because they wanted to stand just ahead or behind their friends and form groups. I did that too , got pushed behind and then pushed someone behind

      It was fun , I thought to myself "Man , this is probably a dream but I want this to be real" and then I got the feeling of the dream . Its a pretty distinct feeling for me when I get Lucid . Feels like when you you are struggling with a math problem for a long time and it suddenly hits you how to solve it out of nowhere , It feels like you are "breaking out" . I pinched my nose and breathe through . Everything became clear . I didn't want to stray too far from the plot of the dream because I was enjoying it ( and didn't want to do anything too crazy because I am bad a stabilisation ) . The stairway was long , unending even , the line kept going up and up. I took the time to touch and gaze at the walls while going up , I could see the cracks and texture pretty well. by the time we reached the top , I was panting hard and out of breath . my legs hurt . The sensation too was very realistic . I sat down and the class was about to begin , I saw this as the perfect time to sneak out . I moved towards the back door , went out and no one noticed . it was dimly lit and empty room on the other side. I turned around , imagining a window behind me to summon it. I turned around again but it didn't work and the window wasn't there .

      Then the dream just ended and I felt my body lying on the bed
      lucid , memorable
    6. The Twins

      by , 12-20-2021 at 01:41 AM (Orion's Dream Journal)
      Most of my dreams take place in my old school . I was sitting on a bench when a girl my age spoke to me . She was charming and I felt comfortable talking to her . I turned for a few seconds to talk with another friend . I turn back to her to see another girl . I remember thinking that I have never seen a blonde person before (which is true) . Both were blonde and had completely ruby eyes , yet they never come off as scary to me. I asked their names . One of their names started from E and another ones from K .
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. The Girl on the hill and the Corpse

      by , 11-10-2021 at 04:51 AM (Orion's Dream Journal)
      I was lost and alone in a forest . It was quite dark and in the night . I saw someone calling out to me . it was a girl , standing on a hill . I don't remember her face but I remember that she had a ponytail . She was older by me but not by much . We approached her house and it was like a small wooden cottage . She introduced me to her Grandfather . He said something about not being able to connect with his wife . The girl elaborated and said that her phone is dead . I took her phone and fixed it , apparantely it had "problems with a grasshopper" as I described it in my dream . She was overjoyed and thanked me multiple times . I felt a strong sense of friendship towards her . The last time I felt something like this was an year ago when I felt a sense of Sibling love for a Dream character .

      We talked a lot about other stuff that I can't remember but it involved schools and teachers . I kept guard on her 2 yo brother when he was sleeping alone in a room then her grandpa told me to check out the other house on the hill . The other house was in ruins . I went inside and it was dark , I saw a corpse of a man who was dead . I checked his phone and there were details about his death . he got murdered a few years ago . It was really suspicious to me that his corpse was still there like he was sleeping . The noticed the feeling , brought my hand to my nose to pinch it and took a breath . it came right through , I knew i was dreaming . i wanted to interact with the girl when I was Lucid and probably ask her name . I was in hurry and basically touched everything as I made my way back to outside . the dream was getting blurry . in frustation I started digging into the ground and eating mud , soil and grass . It tasted meh , The grass was sweet , the soil had no taste at all . The dream stabilized , Just as I stood up it fizzled out of control and ended .

      I woke up in bed and tried to DEILD back but nothing happened . i felt progressively increasing vibrations . I checked my phone and it had a weird phont and had 2% battery . I felt the feeling again , did an RC and got Lucid , I tried to wake up and felt but it felt as if I was glued to the bed . I mustered all my strength and woke up and my physical body moved too , leading me to finally wake .

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    8. (24th October) - 5 DEILD Chains and The Demons of the Mirror World

      by , 10-28-2021 at 04:03 PM (Orion's Dream Journal)
      I performed my usual routine . woke up after 3.5 hours of falling sleep , studied chemistry for 45 minutes , did Reality checks , read dreams and did some visualisation , relaxed by a breathing technique and performed 3 SSILD cycles in the next 15 minutes and then fell asleep while focusing on an anchor .

      though WILD didn't work outright and fell asleep , I had a false awakening in what seemed like minutes after performing the techniques and I just knew I was lucid . I walked out and it was nighttime . I went outside to see a great sunrise , one of the better ones I have seen in dreams . I went out of my house and started walking trying to find something of interest , suddenly a cop attacked me out of nowhere and the dream ended in panick . I felt the bed and was calm , I let images form in my head and one of them turned into another dream .

      I was in another room of my house and saw my parents leaving , I knew I was dreaming but did an RC anyway . I wanted to try something and tried to phase through the wall . I got stuck in middle and It was a bit uncomfortable , though I did it with a push but just as I did the dream faded , I was so preoccupied with the wall that I forgot to take the anchor out of my pocket
      . I woke up but tried to imagine a garden without moving . I saw a soft toy lying around and just as I touched it the visualisation became a full fledged dream .

      It was a wedding garden , I saw a lot of people and lets say.... dream characters aren't my strong suite . My dreams end quickly when I am near them and they are always up to some whacky non sense . I started walking and they started following me , I willed them to stop and go the other way but it didn't work . I wasn't really concerned so I just kept running , I focused on the feeling of my legs on the ground and it was rough but it helped maintain my Lucidity . I was panting actually and it felt good . It was quite dark and I thought I had lost them but no they were just behind me , the shock of seeing them made me fizzle out of Lucidity .

      I woke up again but I waited for images in my head to arise and they did . I was sitting at my study stable in the dream and then I saw a group of tiny birds above , a white one fell on my lap , then I saw a black one which didn't have an eye or a beak but just a black "shape" for a beak . I felt something was off and knew it was dream but confirmed it by nose pinch . I went to the mirror and the birds from earlier just disappeared without a trace .

      frustated from my previous dream , I wanted a place without dream characters . I had planned it beforehand and it was based on a cartoon called Doraemon I watched as a child . Basically he had a mirror , if you enter the mirror you will find a mirrored version of the world without any humans or animals . basically a sandbox . I tried doing this with my mirror . I tried to go through it , I pushed harder and found myself melting into it . I was on other side and It was like a mirrored version of my room ..... the only catch was that I saw my uncle there and he didn't look normal . He had a HUGE WIDE smile on his face but it looked as if it was "compressed" by his chin and by god his chin was pointed and really slim , he had no lips and it made him look terryfying . Then I saw my father and mother like that too , They advanced towards me . I normally don't feel strong emotions in my dreams so I wasn't scared a bit ( though it certainly was offputting ) but I didn't want the dream to end so I walked through the mirror again and then I just fizzled out of Lucidity .

      Today I had another LD and I went through the mirror again , they were still there . Seems like I have made some subconscious expectation that I will always find the entities when i enter the mirrors in my dreams and I really like this to be honest . Its so cool to have some consistency and persistence in a completely random dream world

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      lucid , false awakening