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      Luciddreaming Project

      So, I have to do a project about luciddreaming. I have already done this once, and it's basically the same I have to do this time, but there's a problem. I have to do it in german

      The last time I did this, I did it in english, so I just kinda freelanced, only throwing together a cool picture.
      So the problem is, I suck at german. Can anybody help me out ?

      Yes, I'm asking you guys to do my homework

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      What level German are you taking? I wonder if they'd understand the implications at all (because this seems like a difficult topic to explain in another language). It'd probably be funnier/more informative/easier if you explained "how to sleep" or "good sleeping habits."

      Of course, if you think the class will understand (a higher level class), then go for it! =D

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      My advice would be to keep it simple. Stick with what you know and what you know you can convey to your audience (the rest of the class). If you're trying to convey something that you think the audience would find difficult to understand, dumb it down. Instead of trying to translate the phrase "sleep paralysis," use a phrase such as "when my body won't/doesn't move" or something. "False awakening" = "when I think I woke/am awake but I am not..." And so forth.

      You can use some more specific terms, but chances are, if you aren't confident you know what you're saying, the rest of the class probably isn't, so stick with what you know. If you're allowed to use a script, you can input some more "complicated" -ish words, but make sure to clarify them. Also, keep in mind that sometimes there just aren't direct translations, so if you end up calling a lucid dream a "clear dream," then so be it.

      Let me know if I can help at all. I took Russian instead of German, but I've delivered my fair share of speeches.

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      I really learnt abotu LDing in English, so it was never a problem for me to present a project about it for English class (I'm not a native speaker). Explaining a few concepts of it in Portuguese is still uber hard for me - there just aren't words with the same collocations and meanings sometimes.

      So I suggest keeping it simple. Make a sketch of the topics you'll approach and how you'll correlate them, then try to write out the very sentences you want to say. Then maybe then you could write different variations of the same sentence for fluency in your speech, depending on your level.

      Finally, a German speaking friend's feedback is always welcome.

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