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      What induction technique do you use?

      I'm just wondering what type of induction technique all you guys use and how you pre-form it.

      Please say in as much detail as possible on how you preform the induction you use so other people trying out that method can get hints/ tips on how to improve their lucid experience.

      As of right now I'm focusing mostly on a combination of, WILD, FILD and a little DIELD. I approach these methods with a WBTB or in the morning when I hit the snooze button on my alarm because this seems to be the time when I have best dream recal.

      I have yet not succeeded a WILD but when I attempt one, I do a WBTB and then get in a comfy position. From here I usually let my imagination run wild (at least, that is my intention) but always end up getting to excited or not tired enough to get back to sleep which results in a fail.

      With DIELDS I do a WBTB that gets me up in the morning because this is the time I remember my dreams at most. From there I just visualize the last dream I had (if any) then hope to find my self realizing I'm dreaming.

      The problems I have with both of these is that I get to excited and my mind becomes to active. Ex: my heart starts pumping really fast and I can no longer consintrate.

      That is the induction techniques I am using at the moment.

      Hope what I wrote helped anyone struggling like me!

      Now its your turn to post.
      Current status: Practicing my WILD method.

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      I use a bit of MILD and DILD, by trying to be aware of my surroundings when awake, and by using auto-suggestion/visualization before bed. (Usually "I'm dreaming" or "I will have a lucid dream tonight")
      My focus at the moment is primarily on WILD and DEILD though - I really want to master these techniques.
      So far I have reached SP during WBTBs, but no Lucids yet (from WILDs that is)

      I do get excited when trying a WILD, and so far I have only reached SP, after giving up on "trying" and deciding to go to sleep.
      One night, I lay awake for almost an hour "trying" to WILD, I figured it was going nowhere and decided to get some sleep - after a few minutes I suddenly felt vibrations and my breathing/heart rate was becoming rapid.
      I was really surprised and tried controlling my breathing, which resulted in a failure.

      So yea, now I just try to get more WILD attempts to get rid of the surprise/excitedness.

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      I prefer the DEILD technique and I like to re-enter dreams with the help of alarms- I have used the Lucidology timers but it wasn't working frequentley enough, so now I am using Ev's Singularity app which predicts when REM sleep will occur, so now I just put the Iphone on my bed, start the app and fall asleep prepared to wake up and then re-enter the dream or have a false awakening.

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