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    Thread: Help for DEILD!

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      Help for DEILD!

      Hi guys, please I need your help.
      I'd like to try DEILD technique.
      Can I set an alarm clock that will ring while I'm dreaming in my last REM stage (at 5.30 a.m.) or does the alarm need to be setted before/after REM stage?
      Thank you a lot.

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      You might consider not setting an alarm at all, Mary, since alarms tend to wake you up too much, and you might lose track of the dream you are exiting and probably be too awake to go right back to sleep and to the next dream.

      Instead, you might consider picking a day where you can sleep a couple of extra hours, as you tend to dream more as well as wake up more (and are closer to wakefulness) late in the sleep cycle. That way you might find yourself waking up from a dream naturally, and can go about the simple DEILD process quickly and hopefully before you become fully awake.

      If you're curious, I went on a bit more about this in my DVA WILD Class; you can check it out here.

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      Thank you a lot, Sageous.

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