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    Thread: Astral eyes?

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      Astral eyes?

      Hey guys.

      So, I've been keeping up with energy work the past few days, making myself slog through it because, if I'm not persistent with this stuff, I'll never get anywhere. I do feel energy while I'm dragging it into my body, though not at other times. I can't see energy yet either. But, the other day I realized something.

      From the start, I had a kind of habit of moving my eyes in the directions that I was trying to pull energy. Like, if I was trying to sweep it up my legs, I'd keep moving my eyes upwards. Once I switched to keeping my eyes closed I tried to stop doing that, but it seemed to have become habit. Or, so I thought. The other day I was toying with it a bit and found that the feeling of movement in the eyes did seem to help, but also, my physical field of vision wasn't changing in the slightest. I tested it by looking myself directly in the eyes in the bathroom mirror: I could feel my eyes moving side to side, or up and down, but my head and my pupils were completely motionless. (My eyes sometimes went out of focus, though.)

      I kinda just wanted to throw this out there, because well, I'm bored. But what do you guys think? Could it be a weird kind of placebo, or am I actually triggering "something" to move that I can't physically see?

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      It sounds like you're working with NEW. I like it a lot. In this case, I'd say that your mind is probably making up the eye feeling in the same way that it (ultimately) makes up all the other sensations and that it's nothing to get excited about. If your field of vision were changing then it would be something different.
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      I know what you mean! I have this happen to me a lot with NEW. But I don't think its necessary for the physical eyes to move while doing energy work. I think it just means the actual energy work was so new it was the only way for your mind to keep track of it. Especially for bounces and fast tight swirls.

      I found it distracting, so sometimes I imagine a wand mimicking the motion so that my eyes don't have to.

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