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      Aww, of course I missed you. You can't just disappear without saying anything and expect me not to notice.

      So... what is this Project Sanctuary thing again? I'm pretty sure I remember you mentioning it before....
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      Oh my god you lucky son of a bitch. >w< I've been hearing about that all day lol. If that doesn't spread all around the country soon then keep a look out for me because I'll be headed your way.

      Glad to hear from you again!

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      Hey Singularity, are you still around? I haven't seen you post in a while. I hope you're too busy living it up.

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      Do you ever actually give free writing a good shot? I'm sure you'd get better at it if you kept it up.
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      I was here
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      You have a friend now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Shared Daydream Experiment

    by Singularity125 on 09-10-2012 at 11:00 PM
    Don't mind this... this isn't really a dream at all. Just a silly attempt for the IOSDP lucid daydreaming experiment: http://www.dreamviews.com/f144/lucid...riment-135918/

    All signs point to this being entirely in my head. My reasons are that I've never practiced this before, and that things were pretty static and boring. Plus, only the people whose names I could remember at the time showed up for me. So it's probably a failure on my part. The imagery I got was kinda funny though, so you all get to see that and laugh with me, at least. (I also apologize in advance... I don't even know all of your genders so it's pretty likely I got those wrong, too! Silly me.)

    So... first thing's first, I get to the pyramid and initially I seem to be the only one here. I pace around a bit and end up leaning against the pyramid. Before long it seems like the first other person shows up. Supposedly, it's Windy. She(?) shows up as a somewhat short person, maybe 5'4 or 5'5. She's got this pink hair and it's in some pigtails. She's pretty thin, too. She also seems to be wearing this sorta frilly dress thing. Not too frilly, but overall gives off the anime vibe. Oops. I introduce myself, as Takuma. (I'm really hoping someone picked up on that name! Since I didn't tell you beforehand and it's not terribly common, I imagine it would be a great Sync.) We do basic introductions, I think I mention that I doubt she actually looks the way I see her, and sort of mention how she looks to me. Unfortunately she doesn't do much the rest of the time I'm there. Warned you things were kinda static.

    Not long after this, another person shows up. This one is supposedly Woodstock, though by request I called him Ryan. He shows up in generic t-shirt and jeans, and possibly a beanie hat. It's hard to pick up on details. Roughly my height (5'10), and somewhat more muscular than me, but not ripped by any means. Just in actually decent shape. He just seems to be skateboarding all over the place, even though I don't see how you'd skateboard on sand. He's also skating up and down the pyramid, across sideways, and all like physics don't apply to him. He seems to be showing off. I introduce myself again and here I say that yes, I'm a furry. (More on that later). We do end up chatting more later on, but I've already forgotten what. This was about as fuzzy as it gets.

    At this point I round the corner looking for more people, and find a little hallway set into the side of the pyramid. I walk in a little bit and it's really dark. There's a guy there, thin, wearing all black. Can't place a name on him or anything, he doesn't really say anything, so I just leave. Soon after I find who is supposed to be Cay. She's got much more casual clothes on. A green sorta long-sleeved t-shirt, some shorts (maybe jean shorts?), mid-length, straight brown hair, and a roundish face. She's also a bit closer to my height. (I might remember some of this stuff from earlier in the thread... oops!) We also have our brief introductions.

    Here I spend several minutes just trying to rack my brain for the names of the others, because I know I'm doing things wrong and they won't show up if I don't have their names. I don't want to stop to check, though. I end up remarking on how Woodstock is a show-off again because he's STILL skateboarding like a crazy guy, like I last saw him. Then Cay kinda starts floating into the air, as if in response. I float up too and talk about how I love doing this in dreams, but the feeling in this daydream doesn't begin to compare.

    Shortly, the non-descript black-clothed guy from inside the pyramid comes out. He looks kinda angry with us. I tell him we mean no harm and we're just doing an experiment, and he grumbles a bit about how we're being disrespectful. I tell Woodstock to stop skateboarding, and he seems to at least relent a bit, going back inside. This is where I jump out. It's about 5:20 EST, or 3:20 my time.

    And with all that done, what you may be wondering... how did I look? I tried to present myself as an anthropomorphic red coyote (I AM a furry), wearing a sort of white samurai robe. I would have had green eyes too. Unfortunately I had plenty of trouble just trying to keep that form because well, it's pretty ingrained to walk around looking like you do in waking life. You all probably did that, which means I'm sure I failed at least on Windy's side. Sorry Windy.

    Screwed up revision of my life and memories

    by Singularity125 on 07-26-2012 at 04:34 AM
    Wow... just... wow. Interesting, revisionistic view of my life, which is 100% not true. There's... according to this dream, there's a reason I'm single and asexual, and it claims I wasn't always that way. I have to say upfront that even though my memory is bad, it's not THIS bad, so there's no way something like this could have happened. But it supposes that I'm digging through some written diary stuff or whatever, that I both somehow still had, in a paper format, and had somehow not lost, but had also forgotten about. And it claims that what I read suggests that I was in love with someone, once. But at some point I found them cheating on me. Or, rather, him. Yes, apparently if this dream is to be believed, before I was asexual, I was gay. Now... many of my friends are bi or gay, it's not like I would have a problem with such a thing, but it's not really for me. The dream throws out a username, tag, or whatever, and a time frame. "Ericalt" or... "alm?" or... I dunno. I know it started with "Eric" though. And the timeframe was sometime in late 2008, so right when I first started college. I definitely wouldn't have jumped into college and started dating, for one thing. For another, I knew I was asexual before college. And of course that time of my life was relatively harmless and peaceful. Even assuming I could have "repressed" something like that, it would have shown somewhere. The friends I was starting to make at that time would never have let me repress something like that, anyway. That's enough rambling...
    non-lucid , memorable

    Games breaking

    by Singularity125 on 07-14-2012 at 06:28 AM
    Okay, so I've had a couple interesting dreams since I've started work. My brain is too frazzled to remember which ones were on which days, so I'm lumping them together. All of the recent dreams that I remember involve videogames in some way.

    One dream involved me playing Ocarina of Time, or at least it's supposed to be that. I'm running around in a primitive 3d environment just exploring, while explaining things to someone, probably my little brother. In this dream, I end up exploring and use a timed trap or something to an unseen purpose. The trap sets some sort of timer on you, and when it goes off you spontaneously get blown up, like you're holding a bomb, and you get knocked over. You're supposed to disarm this trap in a puzzle or something... instead I grab it and run to a jump that's just a bit too far for Link to make it. I time it so that the explosion goes off in mid-air, giving me the last bit of propulsion to reach the far ledge. I explain that this game handles sequence-breaking poorly, with random glitches and freezes. (In reality, it's quite complacent and stable... speedrunners rely on this.) The game freezes, and I mention that at least it's never been known to delete a save... when I load it back up and select my save, as if I tempted the gods of Irony, my character is back at the beginning of the game. (And now it looks like Link to the Past. But whatever...) I'm kinda upset by this, to say the least.

    The other dream is harder to explain. The game I remember playing is some sort of mix between Elona and Dwarf Fortress. There are a bunch of different "levels" with objectives that have to be completed to reach the end (something that isn't in either game, but hey). I recall that there are three different difficulties, and to have a win at a certain difficulty, all the parts have to be done at the same difficulty. There's also an "extra" difficulty, which makes it a lot harder but has a unique map different from the standard ones. Each section unlocks that after you beat it normally.

    Anyways, the main bit I actually remember is there are some bosses to be dealt with, longstanding ones in terms of the plot, and we enter a huge area to try to take them on. It's supposed to be a big confrontation. But the game just kinda stalls out and freezes, refusing to finish loading the area. I guess it was TOO big. I had my character on the screen at this point, but I couldn't do anything with him. So, I end the game with task manager and restart it. Getting back to that point, it freezes even sooner. I suppose it's unstable from crashing in the middle of loading. This time I can look at the parts of the map that did load, and the perspective shifts over to almost all Dwarf Fortress, ascii style. And I see why the computer is struggling -- this map goes hundreds of floors up, like any good dwarven megaproject. One of the guys we were supposed to defeat would have been right at the top, and to get to him we would have had to climb countless stairs and defeat countless lackeys. It would have been a good final confrontation... oh well. That's all I remember for now.

    Tournaments... and pokemon?

    by Singularity125 on 07-09-2012 at 06:44 AM
    Hm... I had a longer, peculiar dream this morning, but as usual I only remember parts of it... where do I start.

    Well, one part that I remember, it would seem I'm with someone... I think it's my little brother, but later on in the dream I'm not so sure. It's fuzzy. But, we'll say it's my brother for simplicity. We're hanging out in this place that... well, it's kinda supposed to be our home, I guess, but it's nothing like it. We're reminiscing about things in our childhood and such, while we're also... doing something. Playing something? Yeah, I'm trying, but this part is just too fuzzy.

    The main part I actually remember is hanging out with him in this area, where a bunch of people have gathered. There are tournaments and such going on. I don't remember what kind of skill was involved, but I know in some other part of the dream, there were... pokemon. Not like, playing the games type of pokemon. No, they exist and are alive and such in this world. So... perhaps that was the skillset involved for these tournaments. All I know was, I'm assisting this other guy, who both kinda is, and doesn't seem much like my little brother any more. He's very excited about the money we could win, to the point that I keep trying to get him to calm down, and quiet down, and not blurt stuff out in front of all these other people who obviously also want to win. He's excited though because winning the main tournament could give him 125,000... units of money. I doubt that's in US dollars. And I guess he has enough stowed away to bring him to 150k, which would let him participate in this other sort of "competition".

    In this competition they take two people, and take 150k as the entry field. Then they sit at opposite ends of the room, and the have a machine just start dropping the coins in a circle around each person. Whoever caves first and grabs for the money loses, and the other person takes it all. Judging by how excited this brother, or friend, or whoever, is about this competition, I doubt he'd do well. I imagine myself stepping in and doing it for him. It seems easy if you think about it logically -- you just sit there until you win. So easy, in fact, that once I wake up I wonder how such a thing could ever work.

    I also dimly remember parts of the dream where I'm wandering around a huge store, or I'm wandering outside at night (which MAY be where I bump into the pokemon I mentioned earlier... who knows.) I dunno where those fit in, so I put them here. Well, that's about all the stitching together I can do.

    Three Dreams

    by Singularity125 on 07-05-2012 at 06:13 AM
    Okay, I really should have written these down fully this morning, instead of just brief notes. But at least I have something to go by, I suppose. Three dreams today, since I used a suggestion that I would wake up after every dream.

    In the first dream, I'm playing some sort of Tactics RPG. Of course, like many dreams, "playing" means I'm walking around inside the game world, and it looks totally real. The main things I recall (from notes) are that there are three factions or towns that you can choose to join and help. There's tension between them, and presumably some sort of branching story as a result. The other thing is that part of the charm is that there are a million billion sidequests, and all sorts of fun to be had there. I remember that there are some I cannot do yet, even though I am told about them. One said I needed to complete 50 more battles in the main story, or something like that. I also have notes that don't dredge up memories... apparently the "elf" town looked like the most fun of the three factions... and then there's something about "other save files". The downsides of working from notes well after I should have written these down... I guess that's all for this dream.

    In the second dream, I'm in a small apartment with a bunch of people I apparently knew in the dream, but didn't in real life. It's extremely cluttered and dirty, and we're somewhere cold and snowy. The apartment also has the same floorplan as my current, real life apartment. There are frequent cleaning sprees to try to keep the clutter down to a minimum, and I inevitably feel like I'm in somebody's way when these happen. Although, the people seem nice enough, generally speaking. That's really about it for this one... "Cold, cluttered, in the way..." Heh, there's probably some deeper symbolism here. I'll worry about it if it's recurring.

    The third dream directly relates to Project Sanctuary, and the work I'm doing with it (or lately, SHOULD be doing...). There's someone who's trying to help me with the psychic and spiritual development I seek. I have a strong feeling that it's the woman who invented Project Sanctuary in the first place. There's a sort of "Sanctuary" setting going on in my dream, and we're both in there, at a table. Alas, both of us get distracted with reading some documents on the table instead of getting on with what we set out to do. I didn't write much about the documents, for some reason... but I feel like they were about some other guy, someone who seemed rather unsavory... I dunno. I will write tomorrow's dreams down sooner in the morning, for sure!

    That's all, then. Now off to bed to make the same autosuggestion!