Based on the book of rumors and gossips
which is based again to liars and non-reliable people.

Now is been said by non-reliable people that there is a place which exists in a non steady
location in the body moving a bit left and right maybe,which is like a piece of crystal with something lets just say a crystal brick on it happens sometimes by itself they say
that the brick is starting getting smashed like a compressor it is hitting you on the chest.
and then they say comes a night when you half sleeping that you feeling like your chest is collapsing and you can't breathe.and then suddenly you feeling like a huge rock ruined your chest.
after about a second the brick smashes and then your lungs inhale and exhale like a baloon huge amounts of the most pure air you inhaled ever.
and then you're feeling that many many small particles on your chest are moving up and down like crazy.and then that place which not stays in a steady location moved somewhere else.
And then nothing else happened.

but people are full of lies and misinformation these days.
But people are full of lies and Ridiculous ideas for what is good and bad.