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      The book of rumors.second practical rumor.

      Now this exercise has nothing to do with the previous one.

      A person should start create a certain image on his head.
      This image should be a sharp blade (The best is like the ones on a blender in the S shape) of pure metal (any metal) and any color,although should be better neutral metallic colors or nickel.

      The blade Should be nessesairly sharp (sharp enough to cut easily a finger).
      The reason for this should be explained later.

      And here comes the first (not very important part of the exercise)
      The person should place the blade onto his mind and start rotating in the same position (axis)the blade.
      He should fluctuate the speed the type of rotation ect.
      sort of like a gyroscope.

      And the most importand part of the exercise follows.
      Now the person should place in a parallel three blades.
      And he should start rotating them in independent rotation one from the other.

      The following problem occurs.

      The blades on his mind can be easy tuned to rotate to the same axis and speed but
      any difference beetween them brings to the person frustration and confusion.
      To the best of occations for a start the mind projects a random movement with a lot of confusion.

      And then the person quickly realize that is very difficult to move an object on his mind without relation to the other.

      Target of this exercise is diversity of the mind.

      The person should learn to rotate and spin these three blades independently one from the other.

      If three of them are too difficult the person should try with two for a start.

      It is been said that there is the potential for the mind to handle many things together.
      But this potential is blocked because the mind is focused costantly on one subject alone,the survival,which in turn overextends forget its own borders and covers this potential of the brain.
      This is why blades should be sharp.
      Because the image of a sharp knife alerts the instinct of a person (as the most common memory of a blade is injury) and keeps the part
      focused on the survival busy.

      As this exercise may sound easy for a start,is going to become difficult when put down into practice.

      Time and practice should make the person more able to handle three knives together.

      As it becomes easier
      The person should handle more than three
      and after that different objects in material size shape colour ect.

      The reasons that this exercise occured are simple.

      first the ability of the mind to upkeep different tasks together is amplified.

      Infact There are some people that can generate to their minds a whole load of movements together beetween different materials.Some people they say that they can represent even waves of sea,by feeling the flow of every drop of water.

      Second comes the ability of perception.
      As the mind learns to keep a constant stream of movements together,the perception
      of a person to the immediate enviroment is getting amplified,holds and connects images and impression together without the nessesity of relativity from the one object to the other.
      Infact it is been said that they are people with so amplified perception that they can
      literally make a snapshot of their enviroment.

      It is been said that some people connect the enviroment in a whole new perspective by recognizing patterns which they never observed before.
      But not a lot of people are going to experience that.

      so realism should be the first attempt.
      One blade and then three should be fine.
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